Day 97- Only one extra step

Other than the one extra step of putting leggings on (due to the colder weather), this outfit is really no different than how I would wear pants. These leggings are like a good hosiery material and cost $5 at Target.

Have a wonderful day!



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5 responses to “Day 97- Only one extra step

  1. San

    As always I love your pictures and postings. I thought yesterdays commentary very useful re building a wardrobe. I actually wore a skirt today! Still find it incredibly difficult not to gravitate towards the pants though!

    Blessings San

    • I still gravitate towards pants too, and I actually still wear pants. The idea (for me anyways) isn’t Pants = Bad. The idea is just to expand. To think beyond the jeans and tennies a bit. I do feel that everyday skirts should be a bit more normalized for women in general.

  2. Don’t you find that to be a problem though? I used to wear my skirts much like I would have worn jeans until I realized I hadn’t cast the image I was looking for. So, I realized that plain tee shirts, lack luster shoes and no accessories really made for a frumpy look. If you are trying to present a more feminine outlook, wouldn’t it help to make your outfit more feminine, not just the fact that your lower half is in a skirt?

    • Are you trying to say I look frumpy Rachel? LOLOL 🙂

      Well…the skirts do make me feel more girly. So the fact that it is just like how I wear jeans except it is a jean skirt does make a difference to me.

      You know, I guess it’s whatever you’re looking for. I’ve seen some pentecostal girls who like the “rocker” look and they wear their knee-length denim skirts with converse shoes, a band t-shirt and have a cute black fabric rose tucked over one ear. So I think it’s up to each individual woman to decide how she wants to project herself. If she doesn’t like how she projects in skirts, then I guess she’ll wear pants.

      Just by doing this little experiment I do feel that I’ve learned how to put outfits together better overall, even when I’m wearing pants. For whatever reason I needed to STOP wearing pants, to figure out how to wear them again in a nicer way. KWIM? Something about the skirts forced me to look a bit more at other areas. So maybe if you try skirts again, you will see how to make your overall look something you’re comfortable with.

      • Frumpy? Never!
        I do know what you mean. For me it was a real mental shift to wear skirts and dresses most of the time. I do own and wear a pair of jeans, but usually only when it’s really cold or I’m required to do some running around though I will say they’ve acted a leggings under my sweater dress this winter.
        Personal style is such an elusive thing! I like your description of the “rocker chick” look and it’s a good break down of the style. I guess what I was asking is your personal take on how it makes you feel to transfer your style from casual with jeans to casual with a skirt. For me, I didn’t want to go too far to dressy and lose the ease I felt in my clothes yet wanted to project a more feminine image for the sake of my family. I struggled for a while with going too formal, then too matronly. I’ve only just hit the perfect note where I feel feminine and yet casually comfortable. Have you found that yet do you think?

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