Day 98- A dress is just a long shirt

A cotton dress is nothing fancy. Just think of it as a really long shirt. Put leggings on and voila’ you have yourself an outfit. It may be difficult to find dresses like this right now, but when they come out again next spring buy some! You can wear them through the summer and fall months.

The only bad thing about this is that it doesn’t work whatsoever for nursing. The only kind of dress that works ok for nursing is a crisscross front. So that’s a big bummer because dresses are so comfortable overall. If someone out there knows other styles of dresses that work well with nursing, I’d be interested in knowing.

Since this is PHFR day I wanted to share these three pictures:

Yes! That is a 2 year old and 4 year old eating McDonald’s $1 side salads. The last two times we’ve gone to the McD’s I noticed that they were picking at my salad and ignoring the fries. So when I was hungry last week and wanted to pick up a salad I decided to give this a try. And they ate most of it. They don’t even really like dressing. Adam likes just a little bit. Later in the day their fingers were bright orange from eating Cheetoes but of course I was not moved to take a picture of that.

And now… my introduction to ants. I’ve never had to deal with an ant problem before and now they’re marching marching into my home in droves. Greeeeat. I found the ant hill in the backyard just today. Not quite sure how to handle it just yet.

I thought this was super-cute. Frannie made a paper doll today of her brother 😀

Have a wonderful day!

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14 responses to “Day 98- A dress is just a long shirt

  1. I have had ants in my house since I moved in (well, on and off, really) two years ago. The best thing I have found to get rid of them is the little RAID ant bait things. The little black house things that they go into. They carry that back with them to the colony and kills them off. I put them in my windows so the kids can’t get them, or up high… Just don’t put them in a place where you have something important in their path… because they are going to come in to the bait for awhile. That’s why they’re in the windows. Also, the little ant spike things that you put outside the perimeter of your house. I heard those work too. Hubster also puts down the ant granules outside too. Good luck!

  2. Shannon

    Ughghghg. Hate ants! We have not had them here in PA (though it REALLY surprises me b/c they are all over our backyard!) … so not fun to deal with. I hope they get lost soon!

    Love the pic Frannie made!

  3. As a former hardware store employee and ant-fighter, I recommend the Terro brand ant traps!
    (they’re bright orange.) Very effective!

  4. Just wanted to leave a smile at this whole thing…

  5. Shirt dresses work for nursing too, just unbutton as you would a regular shirt. Also, an inexpensive cotton jersey dress with a low front works too because it stretches. I recommend wearing a cotton camisole underneath that way you can pull the dress down and the camisole up for maximum coverage. Try spraying down your floors and counter tops with a vinegar solution (one tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water) and wiping off. I’ve had ants several times and this always works. I think it’s great your kids will eat salad. My kids won’t touch the stuff!

  6. you can get rid of ants by running lemon juice along their path. They can’t follow the trail and get lost. Also, 409 works great for the ants. The more you squish them the more will come. They follow the scent. So, just spray them and gently clean them up.

  7. The salads are a buck? Whoa. My kids are salad fiends, and they would totally go for that if I got caught in a food jam. good to know!

    I’m still battling ants, even after hiring an exterminator. They come in for the water. Yesterday I watered a plant and it oozed out ants. Grrr. So, I’m right there with ya.

  8. jen

    raid worked for me when i lived down in so cal. the thing they want is water so you’ll find them by your sink and in your toilet.

  9. Kindra

    If you’re interested in one more ant remedy, I’ve had great success with mixing baking soda and powdered sugar in a dish. They’re attracted to the sugar and carry it back to the hill, but they can’t digest the baking soda and they die. I have two Littles at home so any heavy duty chemical wasn’t really an option for me. Hope you find something that works!

  10. bethinthecity

    Terro works for me on my ants. We seem to live on a perpetual ant hill and will be plagued with them every so often as long as we live here I guess! Terro is the only thing I found other than an exterminator. Salt sprinkled on my counters at night killed them but didn’t keep more from coming in later.

    I love your journey of skirts. I grew up in a religious community that wore only skirts/dresses, and since then I wear almost exclusively pants. Can we say reactionary? So I like thinking about skirts as pretty, feminine accents to my wardrobe and I like your tips on how to make them work even though I have done many of them for years. Being reminded of them is a really good thing and is coming from a totally different perspective which is great.

    • Thanks for your comment Beth! I’m glad you’re getting reintroduced to skirts in a less legalistic way. I really need to do a link up because I would LOVE to see all of YOU in your skirts too!

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