Days 100 and 101- Oh no I di’n’t


I did something crazy this weekend. I bought myself a gym membership. With a Kids Club pass. Eeeek! This is like obligating myself. And I’ve never felt particularly comfortable with any sort of childcare so this is a double Eeeek! I don’t have much faith that I’ll really use this thing. But I bought it because…well, what if I DO use it? And like it? So today’s going to be my first day stepping through those big glass doors. I’ve already fallen off my “cooking method meal planning” wagon, so what’s another wagon?

Anywho, obviously I’m playing outfit catch up this morning.

This past week I’ve been sooo out of it! I’ve been out late just about every evening either teaching my classes, doing make ups, attending a presentation or meeting with old friends.

All of these late evenings have taken a toll. And Friday morning I got a big fat migraine headache. No bueno. I guess I’m not a spring chicken. Mama needs her rest!

Slightly cheating with this outfit. I’m back in the long tunic and paired it with jeans. I like it! I wish I could find more of these. This is like the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned. Anyone know where I can find these?

Paired with a nubby granny sweater it was perfect.

Have a wonderful day!




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2 responses to “Days 100 and 101- Oh no I di’n’t

  1. Hello, found your blog and I love it! I have a friend that takes dresses that she finds in thrift stores and turns them into tunics. Just cut them off where you like and hem them up. Looks real cute with old sundresses.

  2. San

    Migraines not good I succumbed to one on Saturday, should’ve seen the warning signs as I was incredibly tired on Friday.

    Love your tunic top and jeans very trendy without looking over the top.

    Hope this week is a little more sedate.


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