Mama’s been sick

Hi Y’all,

Just wanted to update before I go to bed. I’ve been having recurring migraine headaches for about a week or so. Today was my third one. And after I have one, I feel pretty out of it the next day. I went to the doctor today, so hopefully some high-dose Ibuprofen helps to stop whatever cycle I’m in.

I haven’t forgotten about all of you or my skirty project either! But I’ve been pretty sick, and I need to get better.

Take care, Jamie



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6 responses to “Mama’s been sick

  1. mamabenedikt

    Dear Jamie,

    You have my prayers. I have had a chronic migraine disorder for 8+ years, now. I hope ibuprofen will help. I have to use heavy artillery.
    May healing come soon!

  2. jen

    i’m very migraine-prone so i feel your pain. have you talked to the doctor about a preventative like propranalol?

  3. UGH, migraines. They are the opposite of fun. Feel better!

  4. wholesomewomanhood

    Oh no! I’m sorry Jamie…I hope you feel better soon!

  5. I’m praying for you that you will be feeling better soon. Migraines are awful!

  6. San

    Totally understand with migraines and am so sorry you’ve been so unwell. Prayers for a speedy recovery and cyber hugs too.

    San xxxx

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