Day 108- An obscene amount of produce

Well, maybe for some of you out there this is normal, but for us it’s a LOT.

We’ve got kale, celery, carrots, oranges, apples, grapes, squash, cilantro, and green onion. Most of it is for the juicing.

Posing in front of my produce. You know what I love about the gym? Two things: The kids club (that my kids actually like) because it means I can exercise without distractions; and the glorious SHOWER! There is something truly awesome about a nice hot shower after a workout and then you’re just ready for the day. It’s a bit tricky packing a skirt in my bag because it has the potential to get too wrinkled. But I’ve been able to manage it pretty well. I just fold everything carefully the night before. After the gym it was straight to the grocery store.

Have a wonderful day!


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One response to “Day 108- An obscene amount of produce

  1. Anastasia

    I love this outfit! The blue is so pretty on you. Also, you’re inspiring me to try making juice 🙂

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