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Day 131- Happy New Year’s Eve!

Thanks for joining me on my little bloggy journey here in 2011! I’ve been encouraged so much by your comments and presence and hopefully you’ve been encouraged too!

Hope you enjoy ringing in the new year! We are going to a friend’s house and will probably be home by 9 o’clock! 🙂



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Day 130- St. Jerome

Just for fun I decided to pick a patron saint from the link (Saint’s Name Generator) Jennifer Fulwiler posted on her blog yesterday. I’ve never had a patron saint, nor do I know much about the saints in general or what it means to “have” one, but whatever! So the random name generator picked St. Jerome for me. St. Jerome is the “Doctor of the Church” which from what I’ve read means he was a super scholar. Kind of like a Super Hero of Studying, Writing, and All Scholarly Pursuits. He translated the Old and New Testaments into Latin and it was recognized 11 centuries later as the official version of the Bible. He tends to be a patron saint for translators, scholars, and school children. And I think he would be a great patron saint for homeschooling families since he was homeschooled himself until he left for Rome which I imagine was in his young adult life. (Even though I’m not homeschooling, the topic follows me wherever I go!)

Life was just same ol’ same ol’ around here. Today’s skirt is an example of exactly how I’d wear jeans but I’ve replaced it with a jean skirt instead. The skirt makes it a little dressier and a little more conservative, but as I mentioned I’m ok with that.

Have a wonderful day!

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Day 129- Hitting the right note

I haven’t participated in 7 Quick Takes for awhile, but I figured today was a good day!

1. For me, today’s outfit is a good example of hitting that right note of “cute and comfortable” that I talked about yesterday. I learned my lesson the last time I wore this blue dress, that it is just a leetle too short to stand on its own. So today I paired it with form-fitting stretch capri jeans and my trusty black flats.

See how that little punkin always comes around when there is a picture to be had? Silly bear.

2. For much of the day I was also wearing my black granny sweater that you’ve seen me wear a lot these past few weeks. It’s just the right weight and I feel like when my sweater and shoes match, it pulls the outfit together.

Jason took these pics for me right before the kids were cleaning up before bed. Glad I got these taken since I did like this outfit!

3. In other news, do you want to get your kids ASKING for celery? And then more celery? Get them watching The Wonder Pets. It’s the cutest show and the pets get celery as their reward when they “wescue” a baby animal.

4. My latest favorite blog to read is The Simple Dollar. Trent writes not just about personal finance, but goal-setting and inspiration for life goals.

5. Speaking of goal-setting, I reviewed my New Year’s resolutions from last year and I did not accomplish even one!! 1. Learn more Spanish. Fail. 2. Make recipes out of my Food and Wine cookbook. Fail. 3. Get an emergency kit put together for the house. Fail. Go me!

6. So what DID I do in 2011 anyways? Well, I started this skirty project and it’s been a lot of fun! I think better home organization has been achieved and I’m starting to reach some fitness goals, so I guess that counts for something!

7. What are my goals for 2012? I’m afraid to set any goals now because apparently I put forth no effort towards them! In seriousness, I’m not totally sure and for now I don’t have any concrete goals. I guess my goal is to keep the status quo, and as always learn stuff as I go along.

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 128- It’s ok to be a little bit dressy

I’ve been meaning to comment on a comment Rachel left me a long time ago!!

“I guess what I was asking is your personal take on how it makes you feel to transfer your style from casual with jeans to casual with a skirt. For me, I didn’t want to go too far to dressy and lose the ease I felt in my clothes yet wanted to project a more feminine image for the sake of my family. I struggled for a while with going too formal, then too matronly. I’ve only just hit the perfect note where I feel feminine and yet casually comfortable. Have you found that yet do you think?”

Such a great question!

Yes hitting that right note can be hard sometimes. Skirts and dresses do involve a strange interplay between potentially too dressy, too matronly, or too sexy. I think that is one of the reasons why women don’t wear them much. Because our society has become so casual, wearing a skirt can automatically make you feel more “dressed up” than you’re accustomed to. And if you “dress down” your skirt too much or depending on the length and material, shoes etc…you can end up in a matronly mode. So, what to do?

Well, for me the first step was embracing this philosophy:

It’s ok to be a little bit dressy

See how I’m dressed in the last Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real? That was pretty much my everyday garb for years. And I STILL like to dress that way too. I do like being casual, but I got really bored with seeing myself that way every single day. I’m really glad I got out of that rut and have found a way to express and enjoy my femininity and set a good example of feminine dress for my daughters (and son too actually).

On the days I’m wearing a skirt or dress, I’m often dressed in something nice-enough to wear to church. What you see me posting day-to-day was formerly my “Sunday best”.  And even now, I don’t dress any nicer most Sundays than I do on any other day. But wearing a skirt as an everyday item does mean that I’m going to the grocery store, to preschool, or to the park often looking a little more dressed up than anyone else. (Although I will say my park friends always look a little dressy too!)

And I’ve decided that’s ok.

I’ve also embraced the philosophy that:

It’s ok to look a little bit matronly sometimes

In certain long skirts I definitely think I’m projecting a conservative religious vibe. And while I’m not comfortable projecting that image every single day, I’ve decided I don’t mind if I look that way or people think that about me. The truth is, I love God, I am religious (or at least growing) and I don’t mind wearing clothing that gives people that idea.

All that said, I do really like when I hit that right note. Cute and comfortable. Even though it is likely a dressier note than it would be otherwise. 

If I’m in a mood to be truly casual, then I just wear jeans.


Have a wonderful day!


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Day 127- 12 Days of Christmas


For the first time, we’re observing the 12 days of Christmas

with the Christ candle and one lit for Mary too.

I always thought the 12 days were part of Advent!! Wrong! Being that I wasn’t raised in the church, many things never made sense to me. What is the Eucharist? What is Pentecost? What is Epiphany? Maundy Thursday???

Well now I know. So hopefully these small rituals will help guide my children into knowing the church calendar and major events. With all the gift-giving these kids have experienced in the last week, I’m deciding if they should open one last small gift on the 6th. Hmmm?


My favorite gift! Oh boy! Ever since I had that moment of brilliance to put together puzzles on a foam board (because you can pick it up and move it out of the way when you need to use the table!), it’s become my favorite way to kill time.


My other favorite gift! The most unattractive pajamas of all time. I feel super-silly in these, like a big ol’ rabbit. But they ARE really warm and cozy!


Need to do any last minute gift-giving? Like for a family member who comes into town that you didn’t know you’d be seeing??? Make this Winter Granola. It’s really tasty and people appreciate having a healthier snack after all the holiday cookies. A great way to re-purpose spaghetti and pickle jars!

Have a wonderful day! (I can’t believe it’s warm enough in late December to be sleeveless with flip-flops. But I’ll take it!)

Like Mother, Like Daughter


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Day 126- Long Cardigan 1-2-3

Jason bought me this long cardigan for Christmas and I can wear it three ways:

1. Draped open

2. Tied in front

3. Picked up a bit and wrapped more in the front

Because it’s so long it’s pretty skirty don’t you think?

Have a wonderful day!

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Day 125- Merry Christmas Eve!

A To Me, From Me dress I bought at Target on clearance. I knew this would be perfect for our family dinner and church this evening.

God bless you and your family as you celebrate our Lord’s birth.


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