Day 113- Aaaand…the theme continues. Sort of.

So I guess I like brown. It works for me. And apparently I like these boots.

Brown boots. Brown tights today similar to yesterday’s leggings. Nothing says girly quite like a poufy slightly twirly skirt!

An older gentleman at church approached me today and said he and his wife were talking and they decided that my smile  just lit up my face and that I should just smile all the time. That was sweet.

I also know that this means I likely have a fairly scowly face at church! When I’m just thinking and such (and perhaps because I’ve just spent the last hour hustling to get the kids ready for church) I tend to have a drawn face. I also know that this is just how I look after a long day when my husband comes home from work! So it’s a good reminder to me to relax and come out of my contemplative mode.

GRRR! ha ha

Have a wonderful day!



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3 responses to “Day 113- Aaaand…the theme continues. Sort of.

  1. san

    I have a skirt just like yours and the gentleman at church was right about the smile! san

  2. Cristin

    I’m trying to work on my own wardrobe and it’s been great to see your photos.

    I think it might be a really good idea to take a picture of myself each day — it seems like a good way to see what colors work well and get a more objective view of my outfits.

    Thanks for sharing your experiment with us.

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