Day 114- It’s Tuesday y’all

Today was preschool day again. With about twelve other moms there with their little ones, I’ve been the only mom in a skirt or dress for the entire semester. I say that not as a “Wowie, look at me, ain’t I special” kind of thing. I say it moreso as a “Wowie, it really is true that as moms we’re much more comfortable in the exclusive wearing of jeans.”

I guess I just find it interesting now that I’m paying attention to it more.

These leggings (that I keep wearing!) and boots are making the dress thing easy again. For awhile there I was struggling with how to DO dresses in colder weather. But as long as I have these leggings and my boots I’m A-OK. I also was struggling with how to do skirts without wearing a long denim skirt every single day. If I’m going to be wearing denim everyday I may as well just go back to wearing my pants! It’s boring! Realistically I probably need to buy some more clothes. I’d love to get more of those long tunics to wear with leggings. And I think maybe a pair of black boots would help round out my wardrobe. But I don’t have the moo-lah or time right now to be shopping for myself, so I keep recycling in my regular wardrobe and just going with what I’ve got. It’s all good! And it’s still fun.

Have a wonderful day!




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5 responses to “Day 114- It’s Tuesday y’all

  1. Venus

    I also wear skirts or dresses all the time. I feel much more of a woman when I do. I use to wear jeans, and pants, but I have to tell you skirts and dresses are much more comfortable. I believe most women, don’t really care if they look like women or not…….they dress for comfort only (atleast in my area), which they think dresses and skirt are not……..

    I would love to see more girls and women really looking feminine as the Lord as made us.
    I also shop mostly second hand, and really enjoy the hunt.

    • Dwayne

      Venus, as much as some females wear pants because they think they’re more comfortable than skirts and dresses, there are females who find skirts and dresses more comfortable than pants. A good book to read that drives home the point that females are better off in skirts and dresses than pants(and I’m glad you brought Our Lord’s plans up since females violate Dt. 22:5 and 1 Tim.2:9-10 when they wear pants) is Colleen Hammond’s “Dressing with Dignity”.

  2. Abbie

    I am enjoying reading your blog and seeing the inventive way you’re putting your outfits together. Keep it up!

  3. I like brown also 🙂

    I tried to do skinny jeans and so forth…but I just could not do it 😦

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