Day 115- Chinese Chicken Salad

I love chinese chicken salad. I love it even more when I already have most of the ingredients in the house. You’ll need:

napa cabbage, purple cabbage, green onions, (cilantro is nice if you have it), carrot, slivered almonds, chicken, mandarin oranges, dressing. (Sesame oil is also nice if you have it).

I was feeling all smart this week because I made up a bunch of chicken in the pressure cooker last week, and shredded it and put 2 cup servings into little zip loc bags. So I was able to just grab a bag of chicken for this salad. Doesn’t stuff like that make you feel so proud of yourself?? It does me.

Anyways, I made this twice last week and the chicken tastes even better if you saute it with some sesame oil before adding to the salad. Yum! So do that if you’re able to. Also the cilantro really adds a great flavor so add that too if you can. (I didn’t have it the first time I made it when this picture was taken.)

Cut up the napa cabbage, use 1/4 of the purple cabbage, and the rest of the portions I eyeball. I didn’t have any mandarin oranges on hand, but this salad tastes good without them. I have never been great at making my own dressing so I just buy it. I had a sesame ginger dressing and also bought Girard’s Chinese Chicken Salad dressing which I really like.

One tip: I’d recommend you add the mandarin oranges right before serving and let people dress their own salad. This way you can put the salad in a large zip loc and it’ll stay good in the fridge for several days. Pre-dressed salad just doesn’t taste good to me after it’s been sitting.

Have a wonderful day!


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