Day 117- Advent wreath

I cannot remember where I first heard about an Advent wreath, but somehow it was something I heard about and I decided I wanted one.

Where to get one??? I asked. But no one knew. I came to realize that an Advent wreath isn’t something I can just go buy. Apparently I’d have to make one.

And so I did.

The 10 inch evergreen wreath was sold at Trader Joes for $5.99. I also got the candles at Trader Joes. You’re supposed to have three purple candles, one pink, and one white. But I decided to glue an appropriately colored ribbon to the candles instead. You gotta work with what you’ve got! And I’m already three weeks into Advent here, so time’s marching on. The wreath is set on a blue bowl, with the Christ candle in the middle.

Here is some reading and reading on the meaning of the elements of the Advent wreath. I thought the pink candle was supposed to be lit next week, but I should have actually lit it this Sunday because it represents the shepherd’s joy when the angel came to deliver the news of the Savior’s birth. (I’m new at this!) Anyways, there are specific Bible passages that you can read while you light the candle and it’s a really nice way for children (and us adults) to connect with the coming of Christ. Children love being able to help light and blow out a candle and it makes them pay attention more as we read part of the Bible or pray. (BTW, I know that the man of the house is supposed to be doing the praying etc… but since I’m the one putting this stuff together, I’m usually printing prayers out and reading them. I say this just to encourage anyone out there who may be “winging” it like our family is.)

The trickiest part of making the wreath is figuring out how to secure the candles. My candles are a bit precarious, but at least they’re mostly vertical. I accomplished this by unbending a large paper clip, wrapping it around the candle’s base and then creating a spike at the bottom that I stab into the greens. I’m sure there is an actual tool you use for this sort of thing.

Anyways, we’re enjoying our wreath and maybe this is something you can bring into your home as well.

Have a wonderful day!




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10 responses to “Day 117- Advent wreath

  1. You can buy advent wreaths all over! Check Etsy, or just google it next year, or check a local Christian bookstore or church supply store. I have a wooden one that my family used when I was growing up.

    Yours is lovely, though, especially for being a TJ’s hack! 😉

  2. It’s a very Catholic thing, so you can buy them at Catholic shops or catalogs, too. We’re slackers, though; we just light them at the dinner table as we go around giving our usual thanks and dispense with the extra prayers altogether. 🙂

  3. mamabenedikt

    I think you did great on your Advent Wreath! Actually, depending on whose rubrics you are following, white candles are fine. If you add the ribbon or whatever to distinguish them, fine, too. I’ve used colored candle holders, colored candles, clear candle holders wrapped in purple and rose tissue paper. There are many options. I, also, used a large pie tin and just put cut greens (from an Evergreen-free at Home Depot from their tree cuttings, if you don’t have any Evergreens) around the candles in circular fashion. One may use pine cones and ribbons, too. Some put everything on at the beginning and others add as Christmas nears. You could always do a Jesse Tree. (will need to Google it-I don’t have time to put a link or go into an explanation). Your children would probably like doing a Jesse Tree. They could help make the ornaments, etc. Of course, that would be for next year.
    This is the first year, since college, that I did not make an Advent Wreath or even have one. With our ten-month-old, other things take precedence. There is still the one at church and we are using an Advent prayer book at dinner. It has a short reflection. That’s the best we can do right now. My dad tolerates our religious stuff but is religious himself. In my eyes, it is perfectly fine for the wife to pray, instead of the husband. And what about the children, when they can read or remember their own prayers? Both, my husband and I give our son a blessing before sleep and we give each other one as well. We are baptized: priest, prophet and king. We all have the Holy Spirit. I agree that the father has a definitive role in the family. Still, I think we can exercise our baptism more than we already do. God knows our hearts and that is really the most important.

    • I think an Advent prayer book sounds nice. Short reflections are good! The only reason I think it is better for the husband to pray in general is because I believe my son is more likely to carry the faith into his own family and step into that role more comfortably if he sees the model of his father. But we do what we can, and since I eat like 90% of the meals with the kids (my husband gets home after the kids have eaten) I’m doing most of the out-loud praying around here (with the kids chiming in too.)

      • Jackie DuBroy

        I agree that if Dad isn’t hope of course Mom should just lead the prayers as next in command so to speak. Anyway, you are right that what the father does spiritually matters. There was a study done that showed that having both parents or just the father take faith seriously and attend church left something like 8/9 kids practicing the faith they received. However if it was just mom it was like 1/9 – my numbers are not accurate, I just know it is drastic. Of course God can work in situations where Dad doesn’t have faith or has left, etc. but it certainly isn’t ideal. If I had the time I would search around for the actual data so I could post a link but I can’t right now. God Bless!

  4. Shannon

    I didn’t grown up in a church tradition that focused much on the traditions of Advent, but now working at an Episcopal Church, I’m learning so much about it. (And seeing so much value in it!)

    A co-worker introduced me to the following website that has short (!) advent devotionals (and some really pretty piano music playing, too!). I’ve really enjoyed beginning my day with these short devotions that center my mind on the reason for the season!

  5. I think Sonja told me you guys go to a Lutheran church? I’m VERY Lutheran if you ever have any questions. 😉

    Here are online Advent devotions courtesy of the Lutheran Hour:

  6. Wow Shannon. That site is lovely. I feel like I could just sit and listen to the piano music. It stirs the soul.

    Bethany yes we go to a Missouri-Synod Lutheran church. I like traditional worship and the Lutheran churches (or really any Protestant) that have both traditional and contemporary always end up separating the generations and I don’t care for that. Ok, I have a question! What does it mean to be VERY Lutheran? (And thank you for the link to devotionals!)

  7. Jackie DuBroy

    Yes, this is a Catholic tradition not that one has to be Catholic to do it. I have a book on advent traditions and one suggestion was to eat by the light of the wreath. So you start off with it kind of dark with just one candle and as Christmas nears you have more light. This is symbolic of Christ being the light of the world and the increased light symbolizing His coming is closer. We have enjoyed this. We usually read the daily scripture readings for the day, as Catholics have a set of readings each day that are set and relate to the season so often the Advent readings have to do with the old testament prochesizes of Christ, etc. Here is a link to today’s readings for instance:

    Here are a few more links on the history and use:

    Also, many of us instead of just having a white candle in the center for Christmas actually replace all the candles with white candles. We leave those for the Christmas season which is about 2 weeks although some Catholics celebrate the season a bit longer as we used to which is about 5 weeks. Either way is totally cool to do.

    A wreath to buy:

    A simpler wreath that is just plain metal but I have seen wrapped with some evergreen from a Christmas tree branch or other forms of evergreen:


    Hope the end of your advent is blessed and your Christmas is most blessed!
    Love your blog!

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