Day 119- Foodie stuff!

These Peanut Butter Rudolph Reindeer cookies came out so cute! Make them!

This Cashew Chicken recipe was also delicious!! Make it!

The picture is fuzzy because of the steam rising. I made this for my friend Natasha’s family who is spending their first night in their new home and all of their things are still in boxes in the garage. (I mentioned awhile ago that she was having trouble selling her house. But now all is well and they have a beautiful new place to call home.)

Now, I will say that if you are interested in making this dish, the first time you do it it might be expensive. The ingredients call for things like rice vinegar, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, low-sodium soy sauce and these are all items that you may not currently have. But if you like asian flavors, then you’ll have to make the investment in these items (about $3.50 each) and it opens you up to many more recipes. Once you’ve got them a little goes a long way.

Here is a tip (that you may already know): When you cook chicken in the crock-pot (or for me preferably in the pressure cooker) put the broth in an ice cube tray. Each ice cube is almost 1 ounce and makes it much easier to cook with small quantities of broth (like the cashew chicken recipe calls for). Even when you do pop open a can of broth, you can put the remainder in an ice cube tray and freeze for next time.

I’m multi-tasking here. Yakking on the phone. Hi Lauren! And making my juice.

Today’s juice was parsley, celery, carrot (I ended up using 2) and an apple. One nice thing about juicing is that I’m not wasting produce. I only needed about a half a cup of fresh parsley for a soup I made a few days ago. What to do with the rest of it? Typically it would just go bad, but here I can shove it into my juicer and those are some good greens!

It looks gross but it tastes good!

Have a wonderful day!






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2 responses to “Day 119- Foodie stuff!

  1. mamabenedikt

    Those cookies are darling!

  2. you don’t look like an old lady! 😉

    the chicken dish looks amazing!

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