Day 120- Personal Growth


Today I thought it would be fun to highlight some books/happenings in the area of personal growth.

1. To start us off, I have to mention my dear friend Sonja because she is personally growing as we speak with baby number 2 growing in her womb!

Look at how cute she and Noah are with their matchy-matchy selves (which she swears was NOT planned!)

2. Now, in addition to her literal physical personal growth, I have to highlight the super coolness that is the sweater she’s wearing. SHE SEWED IT HERSELF. These kinds of things impress me greatly! You go girl! (I don’t think she had ever made such a complicated garment before.)

3. I think I’ve mentioned I’m on a health kick. I tend to repeat myself sometimes don’t I?? Don’t answer that! Anyways, I’m a fan of non-fiction and I’ve read a few health-related books lately. French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano has been such an encouraging read. Why do French women eat so much delicious food and still stay slim? Well the author really delves into the French lifestyle and mindset towards food and I think this book can be a help to any woman who wants to become more conscious about the foods she chooses and also ENJOY her food more as well.

4. I’m With Fatty: Losing 50 Miserable Pounds in 50 Miserable Weeks by Edward Ugel was hi-la-ri-ous! Ugel is a very transparent writer and it is fascinating to read a weight-loss journey from a male perspective. I have to credit this book with giving me the encouragement to join the gym. I was a bit intimidated by the gym since I haven’t been in that environment in over 10 years. I realize I don’t have a weight problem, but I still have been “out of the groove” of things for a long time. Ugel’s advice to feeling comfortable in the gym no matter your size: sweat. Anyone who is there and sweating fits right in no matter who you are.

5. The Wisdom of Menopause by Christianne Northrup. You may be wondering why I’m reading a menopause book when I’m 32-almost 33. Well, it was $1.00 at the library and I love Northrup’s work anyways, and I LOVE reading about these health topics!! I like knowing what’s around the bend in my life. This is why I was reading pregnancy books in my early 20’s before I was married. Anyways, even though I read this a few months ago, there is one sentence that stuck out to me  from everything I read. “Grow, or die.” Menopause is a time when we start to see degenerative diseases take hold in the body, and there is often upheaval in a woman’s life either in relationships with her spouse or children or other areas. Menopause is a time of facing truth. And if we don’t face our truth and GROW, then the body responds by getting sick. Grow, or die.

6. Nothing says personal growth quite like reading the story of someone’s rotten American childhood and how they overcame adversity with a sense of humor and a heavy dose of hard-work and imagination. The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls is such a book. Her story will amaze you in its brilliance and awfulness. (Don’t worry, no major sexual assault tales here. I can’t read stuff like that anymore. Makes me too sad.)

If any of these interest you, get them at the library!

Have a wonderful day! (One week until Christmas! Eeek!)


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