Day 124- Graham Cracker houses

We had a lot of fun today decorating these Graham Cracker houses that I saw on Smockity Frocks.

This idea seemed just easy enough and cheap enough to warrant a try. (You know how I am!)

Anyways, my sweet former neighbor spent the day with us today and she helped me with construction. The cardboard at the bottom is from a cereal box.

Once they’re put together then just PUT ALL THE HALLOWEEN CANDY TO GOOD USE!!

You know that sound of quiet concentration? That’s what it sounded like at the table. Thinking, thinking. Absorbed.

It sounds silly, but this honestly felt like a decluttering craft. It’s hard for me to just throw away candy. Repurposed! The graham crackers cost a couple of bucks and I already had the frosting. BAM!

Even Nattie could do it! Here’s her house. I’d frost pieces for her and she’d stick them on.

This is what my neighbor came up with. She’s 14. Cute huh?

She also took my picture. She says she always takes diagonal shots! So I figured it was good to just go with it. Here I am again in those black flats with that sweater. Yup. Redundant’s my middle name. I never said this was A Year In Many Different Interesting Skirts And Shoes And Shirts.

Recipe for Royal Icing (used to hold the houses together. Note: mine came out runny so we had to use the hairdryer to quicken the drying process.)

4 cups powdered sugar, 3 egg whites, 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar.

For applying candy, just use store bought frosting.

Have a wonderful day!




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