Bright skies and Christmas lights

No skirt today. But I’m linking to Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real anyways just to share!


You can have your white Christmas.

I’ll take this instead


because then you can do stuff like ride bikes to the park when your girl is on school vacation.

Adam’s not crying, it’s just the sun. (That came later.)


It’s a little over 2 miles to the park. I love this park day and was glad that we were still able to meet up with friends today even with the busyness of Christmas! There is nothing like a sunny park day with my pals to decompress.

Here I am ready to go back home. This was a nice little trek although Adam was crying and whining the whole way home because he was already tired from his 2 hours of playing. Such is life.


In the evening, I up and decided to take the kids to see Christmas lights since I knew Jason wouldn’t be home from work until late anyways.

The whole street was super decked out. It’s really difficult to convey in pictures how spectacular all these lights looked against the night sky.

Here was the Disney Princess house.


With Tinkerbell high above!

I thought this was cute…and true!


Many of the homes sold goodies from their driveway. Some kids played music. There were girl scout carolers and high school carolers as well.

Such a neat street, although if you live here I imagine it’s a lot of pressure to keep up with the Joneses!


Here we are (with my dad) in front of the Hawaiian house posing with Surfin’ Santa.

Have a wonderful day and a blessed Christmas!



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6 responses to “Bright skies and Christmas lights

  1. I almost don’t recognize you in jeans!

    Those homes are really something. I have NEVER seen a neighborhood like that. Wow.

  2. Karen

    Those Christmas lights are fantastic. I want to see them. Where do I need to go?

  3. Wow, that decorations display is over the top! Thanks for joining, and a very Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. Karen

    Thanks for the photos. Found the lights with an online search. Took my family and friends on Christmas night. Fantastic! Thanks for alerting us! It was my first time visiting there.

  5. My family likes to go lights looking, but I think we’ve never seen a display quite like that. Wow!

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