Day 127- 12 Days of Christmas


For the first time, we’re observing the 12 days of Christmas

with the Christ candle and one lit for Mary too.

I always thought the 12 days were part of Advent!! Wrong! Being that I wasn’t raised in the church, many things never made sense to me. What is the Eucharist? What is Pentecost? What is Epiphany? Maundy Thursday???

Well now I know. So hopefully these small rituals will help guide my children into knowing the church calendar and major events. With all the gift-giving these kids have experienced in the last week, I’m deciding if they should open one last small gift on the 6th. Hmmm?


My favorite gift! Oh boy! Ever since I had that moment of brilliance to put together puzzles on a foam board (because you can pick it up and move it out of the way when you need to use the table!), it’s become my favorite way to kill time.


My other favorite gift! The most unattractive pajamas of all time. I feel super-silly in these, like a big ol’ rabbit. But they ARE really warm and cozy!


Need to do any last minute gift-giving? Like for a family member who comes into town that you didn’t know you’d be seeing??? Make this Winter Granola. It’s really tasty and people appreciate having a healthier snack after all the holiday cookies. A great way to re-purpose spaghetti and pickle jars!

Have a wonderful day! (I can’t believe it’s warm enough in late December to be sleeveless with flip-flops. But I’ll take it!)

Like Mother, Like Daughter



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4 responses to “Day 127- 12 Days of Christmas

  1. It’s warm here, too. Sometimes I long to live in a place that actually has seasons but then I remember that I don’t have to deal with shoveling snow!

  2. Love those jambos! They look so comfy. 🙂 I am drawn to the blogs written by converts because they know so much more about the faith than I learned growing up in it!

  3. Oh my – your idea about the foam board for puzzles was brilliant! I have a new puzzle to work on and I’m going to get a foam board ASAP!

  4. I can totally believe it’s warm enough for sleeveless shirts and flip-flops in December…because you’re in Southern California, where it’s warm enough for those things nearly year-round. Of course, if you’re a native Californian who thinks 60F is cold, then you might disagree. 😉

    When I was a kid, my dad cut us a piece of plywood about 24″x36″ that we used for puzzles and drawing on the living-room floor. It was great!

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