Day 129- Hitting the right note

I haven’t participated in 7 Quick Takes for awhile, but I figured today was a good day!

1. For me, today’s outfit is a good example of hitting that right note of “cute and comfortable” that I talked about yesterday. I learned my lesson the last time I wore this blue dress, that it is just a leetle too short to stand on its own. So today I paired it with form-fitting stretch capri jeans and my trusty black flats.

See how that little punkin always comes around when there is a picture to be had? Silly bear.

2. For much of the day I was also wearing my black granny sweater that you’ve seen me wear a lot these past few weeks. It’s just the right weight and I feel like when my sweater and shoes match, it pulls the outfit together.

Jason took these pics for me right before the kids were cleaning up before bed. Glad I got these taken since I did like this outfit!

3. In other news, do you want to get your kids ASKING for celery? And then more celery? Get them watching The Wonder Pets. It’s the cutest show and the pets get celery as their reward when they “wescue” a baby animal.

4. My latest favorite blog to read is The Simple Dollar. Trent writes not just about personal finance, but goal-setting and inspiration for life goals.

5. Speaking of goal-setting, I reviewed my New Year’s resolutions from last year and I did not accomplish even one!! 1. Learn more Spanish. Fail. 2. Make recipes out of my Food and Wine cookbook. Fail. 3. Get an emergency kit put together for the house. Fail. Go me!

6. So what DID I do in 2011 anyways? Well, I started this skirty project and it’s been a lot of fun! I think better home organization has been achieved and I’m starting to reach some fitness goals, so I guess that counts for something!

7. What are my goals for 2012? I’m afraid to set any goals now because apparently I put forth no effort towards them! In seriousness, I’m not totally sure and for now I don’t have any concrete goals. I guess my goal is to keep the status quo, and as always learn stuff as I go along.

Have a wonderful day!



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2 responses to “Day 129- Hitting the right note

  1. jen

    i also have a little bear. 🙂 (we read the little bear books to him in the nicu.)

  2. Those pajamas are adorable! 🙂 Hope you have a great New Year!

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