Day 136- Simple joys

1. One of my most cherished simple joys is doing my daughter’s hair.

This is a fish-tail braid that I twisted the first two side pieces to start.

You know the “college co-ed” style of pulling hair half-way through a ponytail? Well this is the exact same thing except the excess hair is on top with the bump underneath rather than the bump being on top and excess hair underneath. (Did that make sense?) Begin the ponytail by first twisting the side pieces.

2. I often move about my day and “discover” visions of peace and happiness. Last week I came into my kitchen and saw this:

chairs pulled up to the kitchen counter by my smoothie helpers. It’s a simple thing, no big deal really. But when I walked into my kitchen I just felt at peace seeing something that only the home of a mother with small children sees.

For the kids, a simple joy is drinking anything out of a bendy straw.Β 

(Add frozen spinach to a smoothie and the kids don’t even taste it.)

3. This pillow was given to my great-grandmother as a birthday present from my parents. So this pillow reminds me of all of them and it makes me happy to see it. Right now I have it on my daughter’s piano chair just to boost her up a bit. The piano is another thing in the house that makes me happy since I love to hear my daughter learn to play and really all the kids play with it since it has so many songs programmed.

4. Ok now this next one may seem like the most silly one of all!!!

A napkin holder. When I bought this napkin holder I seriously felt like “Wow. I have a place for my napkins. I’m like a real adult now and homemaker now. Only people who sit down to eat at the table even bother with napkin holders. We’re like a real family.” And to this day everytime I use this napkin holder and everytime I see it, which is every single day, I still have the above thought in my head!

It’s silly, but these little things are markers that I’ve made something of my life! It’s like a dream that I had long ago, and I get these glimpses that my dream is in fact real.

I’m not playing with dolls anymore (I used to always do my dolls’ hair)…I get to do my daughter’s hair! Wow! I have a daughter! (Then my mind goes…) Oh wait! I have TWO daughters! I can’t believe it!

What are these chairs doing in my kitchen?” Oh wait! I have KIDS! Like little ones, and they like to help me.

Hey wait a minute? Am I like really a MOM? Like one who gives her kids bendy straws and puts spinach in smoothies? OMG it’s true.

Hey now? What is this pillow and napkin holder thingy? Are you like a homemaker? Like one who cares about her home? OMG it’s true.

I sometimes can’t believe I became this person. A person with nice kids and a nice home that I take care of. I became a real mom.

5. And not to forget the one who made this all happen with me:

My husband. I’m not a fan of laundry, but there is a strange simple joy in seeing a pile of my husband’s shirts. As I fold and pile up and put away his things, it is a tactile and visual reminder that he’s real too! I have a man, a great man by my side. And he’s out there working hard for us so that I can be here working hard for us. I’m so lucky.

My life may be simple, but it is a joy.

Sorry for the not-so-great skirt photo. I tried to crop out the flash from the mirror.

Have a wonderful day!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

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10 responses to “Day 136- Simple joys

  1. Karen

    Wow! What a transformation in thinking! I love how you describe the “mess” of kitchen chairs left in disarray as the joy of having children, or the use of napkins not because we’re a family of messy eaters, but the joy of having a family. These thoughts are a blessing.

  2. I love the thought process! And your shoes with that adorable skirt.

    You know, every time you post a pict of your daughter, I wonder if we’re related because if I showed you what I looked like at her age-we’re almost twins. I’d scan one in, but my scanner broke so perhaps I can take a picture of a picture to show you. πŸ™‚ Lemme work on that. (I don’t have picture albums, I have one huge suitcase full of pictures, which will take an afternoon of looking through because you know what happens once you pull pictures out and the kids are around…)

  3. The napkin holder reverie made me smile with understanding. I still pinch myself sometimes to realize that I am the MAKER of this HOME!

  4. What a beautiful post. I’m a little scared about having to do hair, but luckily the baby doesn’t have any yet, so we’re good for a while. I wrote about how happy my clean floor makes me, so I had to smile at your napkin holder. I feel like that too, many days, but being an engineer I can’t actually put it into words.

  5. I love homey details like napkin holders and smoothie helpers! Such a nice, encouraging post.

  6. I love your thoughts. What a privilege to just BE, let alone to be the queen of all we survey πŸ™‚ Thanks for joining and sharing!

  7. Love this post!!! You have a lovely way of looking at life. I’ve recently added to my list of little things that remind me of my blessed life: “can I really be the parent of a soon-to-be-teenager??” πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  8. Bethanne

    Everything, everything tastes better out of a bendy straw! Even spinach. I remember when I first got married, I loved the sight of my husband’s laundry and the tithing envelopes we got from church that said Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so. They are simple joys. Great reminder.

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