Day 137- Flowy pretty

Preschool started back up today. The weather has been gorgeous. I love this flowy skirt but I can only wear it when the weather is warm. I feel like such lady when I wear this because it flows perfectly “swish! swish!” when I walk.

I tried the self-timer at preschool but the exposure was too much!

I was the only mom in a skirt again. But I did notice two moms who had nicer pants on that weren’t jeans and slightly nicer shoes. Please know that as I type this I’m not judging other’s outfits negatively at all! Only commenting on what I observed. I’ve noticed there are two other moms at my daughter’s school who almost always wear skirts. I kind of want to ask them about it! Like “Hey, I notice that pants are not your 98% wardrobe choice. You wear a skirt about 85% of the time. Why?” I’m really interested!



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2 responses to “Day 137- Flowy pretty

  1. wholesomewomanhood

    That is a good question! One I haven’t even thought about recently. Why do I wear skirts?? Food for thought…

  2. You know, I have been wearing a lot of skinny jeans/pants and boots this winter, mainly I think because this is the longest break I’ve ever had from pregnancy But i am really not comfortable in shorts, so I need to start shopping for some new casual skirts for warmer weather. I donated a lot in my closet that I was just burned out on. I see a lot of Moms in workout gear all of the time, it seems to have become the new uniform in my area.

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