Day 139- Homework Helpers

Here are our little homework helpers.

While Francesca does her work, they have a little conference. No peeking! And Mama is not allowed to read directions or help.

When she’s done, one of them comes around and first looks at the directions then goes to each section to check.

If one is wrong, she might jump up! And scurry back to tell the others. (And someone will fix it right away.) Or they just line up and cheer!

The dolphin always swims over for a kiss.

Have a wonderful day!

Capturing the context of everyday life with Like Mother, Like Daughter



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3 responses to “Day 139- Homework Helpers

  1. Tracy Cullom

    how creative and cute!

  2. Cute homework helpers!

  3. I love the homework helpers! Also – I would never have thought of working our jigsaw puzzle on a foam board, but it worked great for us. Thanks for sharing your idea!

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