Day 140- Fun-kay

Funky outfit– I loved the clothes Natalie put on today I couldn’t bear to change her when it was time for storytime.

Funky Food– So Francesca said she couldn’t decide between Cheeze-Its and grilled cheese, so what did I do?…That’s right

I know it’s gross. But I thought it was a semi-brilliant idea too. Like, “Oooh, the ultimate grilled cheese! A grilled Cheeze-It sandwich!” Unfortunately, it was not as awesome as I hoped. The moisture from the cooking process made the crackers not crunchy. Soft crackers in a sandwich is icky.

Funky me– But not funky in the good “hey that’s cool!” way. Funky in the “I’m cleaning house and wearing slippers and it’s almost the THIRD day I’ve forgotten to take a picture so this is all I’ve got to offer” kind of way.

The good news is my house looks purty now.

Have a wonderful day!



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2 responses to “Day 140- Fun-kay

  1. Natalie’s outfit is cracking me up!
    I think perhaps you need to put the crackers on the sammich after it’s cooked to preserve their crunch.

  2. Anabelle

    I loved the outfits my preschooler choose for herself. So much colour and pattern and layers! Items I would NEVER put together and yet it all looked great. Just like Natalie’s outfit does. Im not sure what it means for us. Less worrying about our colours and “does this make me look chunky?” and just wearing what makes us happy and it will automatically look fabulous? Or do tutus and gum boots just make everything look better?

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