Day 141- Breaking the record

For my birthday, Jason and I went on our first ever overnight adventure away from the kiddos. My oldest is almost 7. Go ahead and do that math!

Since it was just up on Saturday, and back on Sunday we went to Santa Barbara which is one of the most beautiful spots in the world I’d say. Well, at least in my very untraveled world.

We stayed at a lovely hotel of course. With an ocean view! Ooh la la!

One of the coolest things we did was go see the monarch butterflies in the eucalyptus groves. Thousands come in the winter and clump up in the trees. Check it out! (The big brown clumps are ALL butterflies.)

And then we were back home to the sweeties. Guess who stayed in my lap the longest? (Hint: It was not little Natalie like I thought.)

It was this one. The one that hasn’t been left in 7 years. Love this girl!

And now life is back to normal. Which is good! This was a good trial run, since I’m sure we’ll want to do this again perhaps for a longer stretch in August when we celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

Capturing the context of contentment with Like Mother, Like Daughter

Have a wonderful day!



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5 responses to “Day 141- Breaking the record

  1. I had to laugh, back in November we had our first night away in 9 years! And we just stayed at a hotel downtown and were back to take my son to a football game less than 24 hours later. Lol. Baby steps.

  2. Deb

    The monarch butterfly migration in CA is amazing. We also stopped to see them on our travels early one morning. They looked like bark, but as the sun started to warm their wings, they start fluttering all orange and brown. Even though they migrate, these actual butterflies have never been here because they have a short life cycle. Their parents were here on their annual migration. I found the whole thing fascinating…can you tell?

    On the same note, I hope you stopped at the Santa Claus Lane exit to get a date shake! They taste way better than they sound!

  3. Good for you guys!! We seem to pull off an overnight every few years when another child is on the way (of course, we never actually leave town :)). Maybe we should give it a try sometime when I’m not pregnant or totally stressed about an adoption!!! You guys look great. Your kids are so beautiful, too.

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