Day 142- Visiting with the LMLD ladies

Yesterday I made a little trek down south to visit with my favorite blogger!

She's so adorable. I hope I'm half as cute in about 20 years.

Yup. It’s me and Auntie Leila from Like Mother, Like Daughter. I remember the very first post I read of hers was the The Reasonably Clean House post where she talked about starting in the master bedroom. Since I have been on a mission to learn the skill and art of homemaking ever since I got married (when I promised myself I’d keep a nice home for my husband who is “born organized”) I always have my eye out for great homekeeping advice. I feel like I’ve read every popular home organization expert out there and each one has added a nugget of wisdom to my life that I’ve been able to apply and improve. It turns out that the LMLD blog is more than just a nugget though. It’s a lovely resource about embracing our role as wives and mothers and homemakers and women of faith, and practical advice about how to DO just that.

Pippo, Rosie, Leila, Bridet, Me.

So when I heard that Auntie Leila was visiting Rosie in Carlesbad, why did I drive my butt down there to go say hi? Well, I’ve been thinking about this because it really was a bit farther of a drive than I’m used to, and getting home was a real beast! But in the end I’m glad I went and here’s why:

Blogging is the art I’m invested in.

I’ve never followed a band. I’ve never been super-invested in a television show. I didn’t go crazy when the Titanic was popular, nor Harry Potter, nor Twilight. For some reason these beacons of pop culture barely blip my radar. And I almost WISH I was more into this stuff so that I could participate in the fun! But what I enjoy most, and what I feel most speaks to my life, is this new little art-form of blogging. There is no other art form right now that speaks to the Christian woman the way blogs do. (Although I did go see Dr. Laura Schlessinger a few times when she did book signings and her one-woman show. Her radio show was a powerful influence when I was young that started me on my way).

I enjoy writing this blog and I enjoy reading other’s blogs for information and inspiration. Since the LMLD blog is my favorite one to read, I guess that makes Leila Lawler my favorite writer! And darnit, I wanted to meet her and her daughters and just say hi. I also thought that going to visit would in some small way show support for Rosie, whose husband is recently deployed (although I wish I had told her as much.)

Unfortunately, that will probably be my last trip like that! I really did have a hard time getting home on the drive. I’ve always had difficulty driving long distances but felt I needed to just “get over it” because I know so many people who drive all over the place all the time. My father drives down to San Diego and back for his work all the time. It seems that when you live in Southern California you just get used to it. I never understood why I had a hard time and seemed to avoid going places that were beyond a very specific circle of life. I really want to feel free to just go to downtown or to the ocean the way other people do. Yesterday, helped me to understand my limitations. On the drive home I began to get very dizzy and light-headed with the monotony of the lines on the freeway and feel nauseous with motion sickness. My hands began to feel shaky. I opened the windows to let in air. I turned the radio on loudly. I asked Adam to keep talking to me. But it didn’t help. I began to feel like my mind was very drunk. So I had to pull over and call Jason to come and get us. I can’t take chances with my precious cargo and the lives of others by being in an unfit state on the road. So now I know. It isn’t just something I can “get over.” I don’t know why I get this level of motion sickness on the road, but at least now I understand that I’m not just being a brat or something when I say I can’t drive certain distances.

One very precious part of the day that I want to remember happened when we came home. At the park Adam grabbed two Oreo cookies, and as soon as we got home (which was more than 2 hours later due to me stopping and all) he jumped out of the van and said “Frannie, I brought this cookie for you!” He held onto one of the cookies for all that time and didn’t eat it just so that he could bring it home to his big sister. I thought that was just the sweetest thing. And when we were driving and I was having a hard time he said “Mommy, I would help you. But I don’t know how to drive yet.” Such a precious boy!

Anyways, I’m always saying I want more adventure in my life, and yesterday was certainly that 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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9 responses to “Day 142- Visiting with the LMLD ladies

  1. Though I can’t quite imagine the traffic of So. CA, I’m sure I would have made the effort to meet the LMLD ladies as welll. How fun! Though I’ve never met them – or you – it’s so neat to see the pictures of you together. I’m hoping for a LMLD cross-country tour one of these days!

    • It really is true what they say about the camera adding 10lbs! I was surprised how petite they all looked in person. I’m not saying they look heavy in their photos, but the camera really does distort the level of “space” a person appears to inhabit.

  2. I have a friend who gets terrible vertigo driving over bridges; she had to stop in the middle of a bridge once and call 911 because she simply could not drive any further. Now she just doesn’t go anywhere she might have to drive over a bridge. (She can handle being the passenger, just not the driver.)

    I’m kind of sad for you that you genuinely cannot drive more than short distances. I don’t know what I’d do if I had that problem, because I always seem to have good friends living an hour or two away from me! I’m also sad for me, a little, because that means when I live in San Diego later this year you won’t be coming to visit me unless you can hitch a ride with Sonja. 😉

    • I’d gladly hitch a ride with the Sonj. We could also meet somewhere 1/2 way or something. Wait a minute…Why are you moving back to San Diego!?

      • My husband is in the Navy. We move every couple of years. His next job happens to be in San Diego, for which we are thankful. We love it there, and have lots of friends and family (my mom is from Banning/Beaumont) nearby.

  3. Amanda

    Ugh. I know exactly how you felt driving. I just finished a road trip from Utah to Tennessee. Granted we pushed a 30 hour drive into 45 hours so we were in the car for extraordinarily long amounts of time to keep my friends kids from having to be in the car another day, and to get me home to my own babies, by hour 36 or so that’s how we both would get and taking turns to finish it has left us both with horrible “hangover” feelings. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I feel your pain 😦

  4. We are so happy that you made the effort to come visit with us and the other ladies! I’m sorry that it stressed you out, especially on the way home. I feel for you — I too have a mental block against driving places, and only years of practice and some very laid-back friends who MADE me do it helped. Now I realize you just get used to it — but maybe baptism by So Cal rush-hour isn’t the best way!

    Anyway, thanks so much again. It was great talking with you and I do enjoy your blog!

  5. Melanie Mendoza

    I stumbled upon this page and was attracted by the pretty skirts. I am enjoying the readings. I must make a point to come back and read more… Have a blessed day!

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