Day 143- How I go about cleaning my house

Over the years I’ve developed a routine, a rhythm, whatever you want to call it, for how I approach cleaning up my house. I’m not so much talking about deep cleaning, but moreso that first layer of cleaning that needs to be done every single day if life is going to progress without major stress. Not attending to this layer every single day is a recipe for chronic cleaning problems and disorganization. In my household, it’s also a recipe for a grouchy husband since one of his primary “love languages” is a clean home. This layer of cleaning I often refer to as “The 4 o’clock Shuffle”.

When I’m about to clean my home, I do what Don Aslett of Is There Life After Housework? says. I momentarily visualize how nice it’s going to look when I’m all done. I focus on that and take my place at the front door.

I always start with cleaning up the entryway. This is a Sidetracked Home Executives recommendation and I’ve been doing this for awhile. Today it’s pretty much clean, but no matter what I always start here. Sometimes there are shoes all over the place and clothes. The baby shoes in the back by the stairs count as the entryway.

Next I go into my front bathroom. I put away the hair stuff, and wipe down the counter and toilet.

Next it’s into the kitchen. Because the kitchen is always a WHOLE THING, I focus more on clearing counters and wiping them down and I do dishes later. I always start at the right corner of the kitchen

and work my way around. Tossing dishes in the sink, putting food away, wiping down the stove and just working counterclockwise until everything is cleared off and wiped down.

Next it’s into the dining room to clear dishes. I pile stuff on the bar area to attend to later. I’m focusing on clearing the table and floor. I’ll spritz down the table and likely sweep the dining room and kitchen at this time.

Last I go into the living room and pick up toys, organize the top of the tv console, and vaccum the floor and cushions and entryway mats. I let the kids nibble on snacks in here so there are always Cheerios and food bits that need to be vacuumed.

To finish things off I attend to the junk that piles up on the bar and hutch area. These are hotspots that I have to keep on top of. I am quick to throw stuff away if I don’t see an immediate need for it. Here is a video of Flylady talking about hotspots. Hotspots make our homes look messy!!

When everything is done, THEN I do the dishes. I really hate dishes and I usually have to call a friend or my dad just to have someone to talk to while I’m doing them.

And that’s how I go about cleaning the downstairs.

Have a wonderful day!



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8 responses to “Day 143- How I go about cleaning my house

  1. I need to make “The 4 o clock Shuffle” a routine in our home. 🙂

    • yes! It’s a must. Daddy likes to come home to a nice house. My husband would rather we had oatmeal for dinner and a clean house, than a super nice dinner with a kitchen that looks like it’s just been blasted.

  2. Rebokcarol

    I’m wondering what your kids are doing while you do the 4 o’clock shuffle. How do you keep them from messing up everything behind you? Or, how do you keep them occupied long enough to get the job done? Were you able to do this when they were toddlers? Thanks!

    • My kids are usually playing while I’m cleaning. This is why I do the living room last because that is where all the toys are. They are also old enough to help pick up toys (7, 4, 2) so while I’m doing the other areas, they’re often supposed to be picking up the living room. Many times they just get distracted and play in there until I’m actually at that area and ready to clean it. My littlest one mostly follows the other kids and not me. This system has been a work in progress over ten years of marriage, and while I started doing this system with toddlers, I’ve only been able to be really faithful to it in the last year or so. I feel like life with only little babies in the house just happens to be the years of some strong learning curves both as a mother and homemaker. So don’t get discouraged!

  3. Such a smart homemaker! These daily routines really do help keep things looking ‘homey’ as well as keeping stress at bay! I remember working out of the house before I have kids and how stressful it was to come home to a mess. Four is such a busy and tiring time, too, with hungry kids and dinner needing to be started and Mom about ready for a nap. Good for you for knowing what works at your house and being faithful to it!

    • I often need a cup of coffee at this time of day. Or usually an hour earlier at 3pm. I also tend to start dinner at 3pm too (unless it is a crockpot thing). I have found myself too often with a big huge mess of a kitchen to clean at the end of a tiring day (and half the time the kids barely eat what I make), so if I haven’t planned cooking to start earlier in the day, it’s better for me to feed the kids something simple like eggs or oatmeal or noodles with cheese. Thanks for visiting me, and thanks for your comment 🙂

  4. Anne

    You have such a pretty home! I love the glass top on your table. Is it easy to clean/maintain?

    • The glass cost about $100 but it is completely worth it because it is so much easier to maintain. I don’t have to worry about banging silverware, scratches, or food spills. I called a local glass shop and ordered 1/4 inch tabletop glass. I’ve noticed over the years that my chairs have gotten grimy, but at least the table surface always looks really nice. Thanks for your compliment!

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