Day 144- 5 pieces of beauty inspiration

I figured I would post some “Rah Rah Empowerment” stuff on this here Sunday. These are various posts and things I’ve seen recently that I’ve enjoyed.

1. I didn’t know I loved Justine Bateman, but now I do! Here she talks about growing older in Hollywood.

2. Something tells me this woman has a good self-esteem. I could look at this picture all day. It’s like the most perfect vision of a woman’s steely strength and tenderness. (BTW, I love how baby is nursing and “twiddling” at the same time. Tuuute!)

3. I loved this post by Lori Alexander titled Your Standard of Beauty. Basically her point is that your standard of beauty should be whatever you happened to marry! I think that is so true because it keeps us focused on the specialness of our spouse.

4. I too have found the recent Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers commercials to be offensive (I get annoyed with weight=worth messages), but was surprised to read that others are feeling the same. This article interestingly points out, that all of Jennifer’s success happened while she was heavier!

5. The ladies at Beauty Redefined always have great articles and Running from Self-Objectification is no exception. We have been conditioned to view ourselves as a series of either good or bad looking body parts (well, most of us have. I’m trying to avoid that for my daughters and son which is why I’m selective about media exposure). But we are WHOLE people and our bodies can DO many amazing things. Lindsay’s way of freeing herself from self-objectification was by setting a real fitness goal allowing her mental focus to shift to her body’s growing abilities. I know that in my own personal life, one thing that has been a real eye-opener for me is to see the fitness instructors at my local gym and notice that almost all of them have that little roundness to their tummy that often comes once you have children. They are incredibly fit and they don’t have flat tummies. A fit healthy body is not a body that would necessarily be hired to sell fitness products. As I’ve been surrounding myself with fit people I can see the wide range of what healthy fitness looks like.

Have a wonderful Sunday and praise God for the gift that is You!



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5 responses to “Day 144- 5 pieces of beauty inspiration

  1. Mama Benedikt

    Thank you for sharing the photo of the mama and baby! I thought I was the only mama that had a twiddling baby! As a first time mama, everything is new 🙂 Benedikt started twiddling a couple of months ago. It can be painful but I know it stimulates milk production and soothes him. It is cute 😉

  2. This post is great. I really appreciated these links and reminders. Where did you find the wonderful photo of the woman with the tomahawk, nursing!! And can I borrow it? I am new to blogging so want to make sure of proper blogging etiquette.

    • Mama Benedikt

      Anastasia, what a beautiful name-I know what it means-FYI: I believe the mother in the photo is holding a machete-type tool.

    • It was posted on Facebook by someone on my feed. Of course you can use it. You can reference that you found it from me if you like. That’s what I did when I found the picture of the 1940’s teenage girls from The Simple Dollar.

  3. Of course she is. I hope my comment wasn’t insensitive! I meant that as a tool and used the wrong word. Thanks – and I’m glad you like my name 🙂 I was born the day after Easter.

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