Day 147- 4 o’clock shuffle

Hello hello!

It’s 4 o’clock. Time to do the shuffle. I’ve got some music on! My house gets messy every single day just like yours. 

Taking my place at the front door to do the entry way. It helps to always know where you’re going to start so that you don’t wander around in circles. 

Next it’s into the bathroom. It helps to know exactly where you’re going to go next so that you don’t wander around in circles. Keep paper towels and Windex nearby for the bathroom. Put a cabinet up like the one we’ve got on the left if you have too much counter clutter.

Next it’s into the kitchen to clear the counters. Move counter-clockwise. Dishes in the sink. Food away. Wipe stuff down. It helps to know exactly where you’re going next and how you’re going to move through the room so that you don’t wander in circles. 

Now I’m in the dining room. Clearing dishes. Crayons away. Stuff up off the floor and doing a sweep. Every day it’s the same shuffle. 

Now’s a good time to tell Adam to clean up the Lincoln Logs. “Whine! Whine! Whine!!”  And now I administer a Typical Mommy Speech that is probably the same Mommy Speech told in every household across the globe.

Still they’ve heard the Mommy Speech and even more helpful Baritone Daddy Speech enough times that they do clean up. Albeit still with whining. I help too. Then I vacuum.

It’s 5 o’clock and the house has been shuffled.

The dishes still need to be done.

The kids are eating oatmeal with bananas for dinner. It’s nutritious! It’s fast! (Francesca is also having some leftovers from last night.)

Everything is put away and purty…

By 5:30…

This is how the living room looks all over again. But believe it or not, this is easy stuff. It’s just mostly blankets and a few toys that will go back under the stairs. I’ll make the kids put it away before jammies.

I’m writing this post today, which is so similar to the one I wrote 5 days ago, to illustrate a lesson that was hard for me to learn: I have to clean this darn house every single day! Every day. Not once a week. Or once every three days. See how messy it gets and then re-gets in one day? If I don’t tend to the house every. single. day. it becomes overwhelming so quickly. Housecleaning becomes truly miserable if too many days (uh two) get strung together without it being tended to. And this doesn’t even look at the upstairs or laundry or decluttering stuff. (For someone, like me!, who wasn’t taught this stuff, it took a loooong time to learn this lesson. )

For me, having a specific time of day where I always touch base with the house, 4 o’clock, means that at least one time things will get put away. Even if they get taken out again. (Note: If a space is too hard to clean then it probably means that it needs decluttering.)

Have a wonderful day!




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2 responses to “Day 147- 4 o’clock shuffle

  1. San

    Ah but at least you have a nice big kitchen and sunshine too!!

    I’m just about to tackle the kitchen after the breakfast run, wish me luck!!

    San x

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