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Day 151- The good thing about having small breasts

I read a lot of blogs about positive beauty for women and often the topic is about unrealistic depictions of weight in media. I totally agree and see it everywhere how only one body type is ever featured as beautiful or “healthy” and it just so happens to be a specific lean type. For me, I’ve never had real anxiety about weight probably because overall I happen to have a leaner frame and was a big exerciser in my youth. What I DO have anxiety about is the fact that women with a leaner frame tend to be lean all over, meaning they also have a smaller bust size and it pains me to no end to see the changing landscape of women getting breast implants.

I don’t have much of a voice in this world, but I feel the need to express in some way that small breasts are beautiful. They are not a beauty flaw. They are lovely! And even if having a small or asymmetric bust prevents some women from having “ideal” proportions can we not just agree that that does not represent the equivalent of a needing a double mastectomy with reconstruction? The fairly constant message to lean women is “you’re sexy if you’ll agree to this major surgery”. And I think that’s horrible and untrue! All I can think about are all of the young developing girls out there who are faced with these messages daily and have so much angst over their healthy small and beautiful bust. To them I say- Yes you are fully a woman. Have no doubt.

So I have a list here of some really great things about having small breasts.

1. Small breasts make you look like you weigh about 5-10lbs less than you do. When you have a lean upper body, you project leanness in general even when you gain weight.

2. They never bug you when you run or do any other physical activity. I really don’t even need a bra at all although I wear one of course.

3. Ballerinas have small breasts and ballerinas are beautiful. The one and only time I have ever seen a very small busted woman represented as a man’s fantasy was in this scene from the movie “Whose Life is it Anyways?” with Richard Dreyfuss. The main character has become paralyzed and while in the hospital he has a dream/memory of his girlfriend. This is a beautiful dance scene and it was lovely to see a natural woman. (It’s about 3 mins long at the beginning of this clip.)

Ballerina dance scene

5. As a breastfeeding mom, I have never had milk supply problems. Having a small bust does not have anything to do with having enough internal structure of glandular tissue.

6. Likewise, I’ve never experienced mastitis. I wonder if shorter milk ducts has something to do with it? Fewer problems with plugged ducts? I don’t know. But my point is that my small breasts have performed just great for their “milk delivery” purpose.

7. People focus on your face.

8. Greater sensitivity

9. There are plenty of men out there who really like a small bust. Just like there are men who prefer a thicker lady. Read the many comments left by males on the website. That site is for every woman of every breast shape and size. Mostly though, men like whatever bust happens to be on the lady they’ve fallen in love with. So I’d encourage any woman to allow her husband to love all of her, yield to his affection, and not stress.

Have a wonderful day!



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Sorry for my total lack of blogging

I can only blame it on February doldrums. Nothing terrible is happening in my parts, but there has been throw up from rotating members of the family, and rain, and a birthday party to plan and execute. I’ll be back soon. Promise!

(And thank you for all of the advice in my last post. I find it very helpful.)

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Day 150- Should boys start kindergarten at age 6?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

My son is supposed to start kindergarten in the fall (he turns 5 in June), but I’m starting to wonder if it would be better for him to spend age 5  in a Montessori type school rather than a traditional kindergarten. And then start traditional K at age 6? Or perhaps continue him on to first grade, I don’t know. He is a very smart boy and I have absolutely no concerns about his intelligence or his abilities to sit, listen or play well with other children.

What makes me think about this is his readiness to write.  His hand is like a claw and he is just now barely starting to draw things. He does not color whatsoever. His manual dexterity just isn’t anything like either Francesca’s or even Natalie’s. He’s pretty lazy when asked to do any sit down work. And I don’t think it’s because he has a lazy personality (well, maybe a little) but I also think that developmentally he’s not ready to be doing sit down work that involves a bunch of writing. He can’t cut with scissors at all.

He can count well, and he’s learning to sound out short words a little bit. But is he really ready for traditional school? It almost seems like he needs more time to grow developmentally.

For Francesca, having school assignments that involve a lot of writing and coloring activities is just fine. For him, I believe it will only frustrate him and I think his work will be perpetually sloppy.

Emotionally I think he will have a bit of a harder time transitioning to school although with time, I think he would be ok.

And perhaps in 6 months he will have developed enough so that starting school will be just fine.

But for now I’m hemming…and hawing…

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 149- A little this, a little that- mostly funnies

1. This was taken super late in the day so I’m all disheveled, but I like the brown and blue combo.

2. Francesca is very nearly 7 years old (the big day is in two weeks) and she still hasn’t lost her first tooth. Those suckers are hanging on for dear life. She’s got her first adult tooth coming in on the bottom front and the baby tooth it’s trying to replace is loose, but not loose enough for us to pull!

3. This is so sweet if you’ve ever had a childhood doggie

4. This is funny if you’ve ever had a child!

5. I finally figured out today why Natalie keeps putting on her tutu like I showed in Day 140. It’s because of Dorothy the Dinosaur from the Wiggles! She’s a dinosaur who likes to do the ballet. So today Natalie was being a “baweena” and mentioned that she was “Dorfy the Dinosaw”. Awww…

6. I used to have a lot of Muslim neighbors, but the ones I was really close to moved and the others are super busy and I almost never see them anymore. Anyways, I do keep up with the ones that moved and the daughter (who is 14 and used to babysit for me a lot) got to meet her very favorite celebrity Yousef Erakat from FouseyTube. He is a comedian who writes sketches for YouTube and he’s become very popular especially among the Arab/Muslim community. Here’s a sketch of his called Middle Eastern Parents. Anyways, I mention this because I think it is really great that YouTube provides an avenue for artists to be heard and a place where young people can FIND those artists who speak to them and their life experience!

7. In that same vein, here is a homeschooling comedian kid. When would homeschoolers EVER get comedy directed towards them and their life experiences if not through these new venues? I think it’s great.

Have a wonderful day!

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Day 148- Sweet moments

At the park today, my friends and I noticed that all the “little girls” had gathered at the picnic table and seemed to be having a gab-fest.

This was quite charming to see because these are the little ones aged 2-4 and it was as though they really “found” each other for the first time. We tend to focus on our bigger kids and their friendships so it was cute to see these new little friendships forming.

My dear friend Courtney is about to have her baby very soon. This week? Next week? We’re all excited for her and ready to learn if she has a boy or her fourth girl!

My skirt for the day. This is multi-tasking at its finest since I’m chewing and taking this pic at the same time. Why I thought that’d be a great idea I don’t know.

There is a big difference in the dressy-factor between my skirt and what I ended up wearing later in the afternoon to the park.

Have a wonderful day!

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