Day 148- Sweet moments

At the park today, my friends and I noticed that all the “little girls” had gathered at the picnic table and seemed to be having a gab-fest.

This was quite charming to see because these are the little ones aged 2-4 and it was as though they really “found” each other for the first time. We tend to focus on our bigger kids and their friendships so it was cute to see these new little friendships forming.

My dear friend Courtney is about to have her baby very soon. This week? Next week? We’re all excited for her and ready to learn if she has a boy or her fourth girl!

My skirt for the day. This is multi-tasking at its finest since I’m chewing and taking this pic at the same time. Why I thought that’d be a great idea I don’t know.

There is a big difference in the dressy-factor between my skirt and what I ended up wearing later in the afternoon to the park.

Have a wonderful day!

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3 responses to “Day 148- Sweet moments

  1. Love your site! I am coming from PHFR! Inspired by all your beautiful skirts. I am in a rut too but in South Florida Capri pants and jogging pants. lol! will be coming back for more A Year In Skirts! God bless you! =)

  2. Mama Benedikt

    The flowy skirt is lovely! Just so pretty! That outfit could be dressed up or down. For the park, I would probably choose a skirt or dress that wouldn’t run or tear if it got stuck on something. Jeans work just as well, too 🙂

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