Day 149- A little this, a little that- mostly funnies

1. This was taken super late in the day so I’m all disheveled, but I like the brown and blue combo.

2. Francesca is very nearly 7 years old (the big day is in two weeks) and she still hasn’t lost her first tooth. Those suckers are hanging on for dear life. She’s got her first adult tooth coming in on the bottom front and the baby tooth it’s trying to replace is loose, but not loose enough for us to pull!

3. This is so sweet if you’ve ever had a childhood doggie

4. This is funny if you’ve ever had a child!

5. I finally figured out today why Natalie keeps putting on her tutu like I showed in Day 140. It’s because of Dorothy the Dinosaur from the Wiggles! She’s a dinosaur who likes to do the ballet. So today Natalie was being a “baweena” and mentioned that she was “Dorfy the Dinosaw”. Awww…

6. I used to have a lot of Muslim neighbors, but the ones I was really close to moved and the others are super busy and I almost never see them anymore. Anyways, I do keep up with the ones that moved and the daughter (who is 14 and used to babysit for me a lot) got to meet her very favorite celebrity Yousef Erakat from FouseyTube. He is a comedian who writes sketches for YouTube and he’s become very popular especially among the Arab/Muslim community. Here’s a sketch of his called Middle Eastern Parents. Anyways, I mention this because I think it is really great that YouTube provides an avenue for artists to be heard and a place where young people can FIND those artists who speak to them and their life experience!

7. In that same vein, here is a homeschooling comedian kid. When would homeschoolers EVER get comedy directed towards them and their life experiences if not through these new venues? I think it’s great.

Have a wonderful day!

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3 responses to “Day 149- A little this, a little that- mostly funnies

  1. truebiligualteacher

    I like your posts. Are you Middle Eastern?

    • Hi! No, I’m not. I just have some friends and neighbors who are.

      • truebiligualteacher

        Hey! Cool. actually i’m relatively new here but the video was funny lol maybe cause I know of some real life experiences back in my country. Your posts made me think of the situation of a lot of women in some of the countries overseas. so you teach? I teach ESL. you can email me sometime I’d love to hear your perspective.
        Talk soon!

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