Day 151- The good thing about having small breasts

I read a lot of blogs about positive beauty for women and often the topic is about unrealistic depictions of weight in media. I totally agree and see it everywhere how only one body type is ever featured as beautiful or “healthy” and it just so happens to be a specific lean type. For me, I’ve never had real anxiety about weight probably because overall I happen to have a leaner frame and was a big exerciser in my youth. What I DO have anxiety about is the fact that women with a leaner frame tend to be lean all over, meaning they also have a smaller bust size and it pains me to no end to see the changing landscape of women getting breast implants.

I don’t have much of a voice in this world, but I feel the need to express in some way that small breasts are beautiful. They are not a beauty flaw. They are lovely! And even if having a small or asymmetric bust prevents some women from having “ideal” proportions can we not just agree that that does not represent the equivalent of a needing a double mastectomy with reconstruction? The fairly constant message to lean women is “you’re sexy if you’ll agree to this major surgery”. And I think that’s horrible and untrue! All I can think about are all of the young developing girls out there who are faced with these messages daily and have so much angst over their healthy small and beautiful bust. To them I say- Yes you are fully a woman. Have no doubt.

So I have a list here of some really great things about having small breasts.

1. Small breasts make you look like you weigh about 5-10lbs less than you do. When you have a lean upper body, you project leanness in general even when you gain weight.

2. They never bug you when you run or do any other physical activity. I really don’t even need a bra at all although I wear one of course.

3. Ballerinas have small breasts and ballerinas are beautiful. The one and only time I have ever seen a very small busted woman represented as a man’s fantasy was in this scene from the movie “Whose Life is it Anyways?” with Richard Dreyfuss. The main character has become paralyzed and while in the hospital he has a dream/memory of his girlfriend. This is a beautiful dance scene and it was lovely to see a natural woman. (It’s about 3 mins long at the beginning of this clip.)

Ballerina dance scene

5. As a breastfeeding mom, I have never had milk supply problems. Having a small bust does not have anything to do with having enough internal structure of glandular tissue.

6. Likewise, I’ve never experienced mastitis. I wonder if shorter milk ducts has something to do with it? Fewer problems with plugged ducts? I don’t know. But my point is that my small breasts have performed just great for their “milk delivery” purpose.

7. People focus on your face.

8. Greater sensitivity

9. There are plenty of men out there who really like a small bust. Just like there are men who prefer a thicker lady. Read the many comments left by males on the website. That site is for every woman of every breast shape and size. Mostly though, men like whatever bust happens to be on the lady they’ve fallen in love with. So I’d encourage any woman to allow her husband to love all of her, yield to his affection, and not stress.

Have a wonderful day!



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13 responses to “Day 151- The good thing about having small breasts

  1. San

    Lovely encouraging words to all women… to accept ourselves as God made us.

    Have a good Sunday

    San x

  2. bethinthecity

    Thank you for these wonderful, encouraging words! I hope that a lot of women find this and take it to heart. We are so bombarded with unnatural expectations. These are also really good words for me to remember for my daughter. She is 12 and I want to help her be whole and healthy inside and out.

    • Yes 12 is a very important age for girls. I care so deeply about our younger generation and what they’re currently faced with scares me. I’m so happy that this was helpful to you in your communication with her.

  3. Shannon

    Preach it, Sister! Love, Love, LOOOOVE!!!

  4. Good for you for writing this post!! I have been really disheartened lately by hearing of many women opting for or considering breast implants. Craziness!! i agree with your assessment of the benefit of small breasts!! I used to have them, prior to breastfeeding :), and now that I’m on the other side (well, right now I’m pregnant, so the enlargement is a bit extreme), I definitely prefer them smaller. But, I think your message that it’s important to embrace the body God has given you is right on!!

    • Yes definitely. And one thing we were never taught is that the breast is not fully mature on a cellular level until we are 37 weeks with our first child. The nipple is not fully formed and OUT for many women until they’ve breastfed. The BABY finishes our breast development!

  5. Thank you for posting this. I am on the other side as I have always been slender and busty and it really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I cannot understand why women CHOOSE this. I have a really hard time finding cloths that fit me and most of them make me look a lot heavier than I really am. I can’t nurse “hands free” like so many of my friends because I am too big. I have had problems with oversupply and mastitis 4 times in as many months after my son was born. I will never be “pert” and have to order bras online because I can’t find them locally. At one point I even had to do physical therapy because the weight was causing major back pain and headaches.

    I just want to tell all women to enjoy the figure that they have and not to put false beauty ahead of being themselves.

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  7. We agree, and it is very true how young women are fed with the idea that they can only look feminine if they have large cup sizes.

    We have recently launched an intimatewear for smaller busted women to encourage them to opt out of an expensive and potentially hazardous cosmetic procedure and look for alternatives to help their confidence (i.e., lingerie) You can see it here:

    Let us know what you think. xo

  8. This is a male replying. I agree whole heartedly with your comments. Small is natural, and true, and beautiful. I noticed from your pictures that you have a wonder smile, figure and complexion. I also think you are very attractive in many ways- and from your comments- attractive inside and out- which is GOLDEN. Not to be rude, but honest, many of the outfits you showed yourself in do not show you to the best you deserve. You have everything going for you, and from your pictures, you exude happiness- which is attractive in itself. The one thing I would recommend is getting some help in your wardrobe. See if you can find someone to help you with some outfits that show you better. I can’t remember the name of the TV program where they tear your wardrobe apart, but find some help somewhere where you can get some help.

  9. This is a wonderful article! Well written and I can testify to most of your points! 😉
    Christmas Blessings,

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