Day 154- Fishbowls, yogurt, and the Secret Stash

I’m developing a real personal identification with fish and fishbowls. I know that sounds silly! But oftentimes I think of myself as a fishy swimming around in this house, going upstairs, going downstairs, around and around in the kitchen and looking out the windows and the trees and bright sun. I do go outside of course, but I also spend a LOT of time here: swimming in my fishbowl.

Because I have this little fishbowl, a key to happiness for me is to really ENJOY my fishbowl. To take care of it. To love it up. To find things to do here.

Since the kids have been sick all week I haven’t even driven the car once. I’ve just been here at home for 5 consecutive days. So being that I’ve been stuck here, rather than wish I WASN’T stuck, I decided to enjoy my fishbowl time and embrace it.

So I decluttered my tupperware! Yay!

I folded Secret Stash laundry! Yay! (more on that later)

I made sourdough bread! And real lemonade! And lemon bars! Yay!

And I’m currently making yogurt for the first time! Yay! (Before the internet I didn’t even know a person could make yogurt at home. Right now results are mixed as to how well it came out.)

Anyways, being at home has brought an opportunity for me to get a little more creative and do some organization.

Now…about that Secret Stash laundry. I have a little secret that I don’t tell my husband. I cleared out a space in my bedroom closet and I use it to stack all the unfolded laundry. This way our bedroom doesn’t constantly look like a laundromat with laundry baskets always overflowing! The bedroom looks clean and inviting even when I really have three loads of clothes that need attention. (But I don’t tell J that because I’d rather he just think that the bedroom looks great! Not, “well there is that laundry again that’s not folded.”) But here’s the thing: my laundry is never all folded. There is always some laundry waiting to come out of the dryer. So I was ALWAYS feeling the nag of an undone chore that never really gets done and every time I’d pass those unfolded clothes, it would nag at me even when I didn’t have the time to fold them right then. Now I can dip into my stash and fold even half a basket during a phone call and the progress made FEELS like progress. When it’s all just out there, half a basket of folding feels very unsatisfying against the backdrop of 2 1/2 more baskets. He he!

Here’s my cleared closet space (no one ever opens this side):

What it looks like from the other side when all stacked up (I only really use this closet):

I was able to fold two baskets today, so I still have one more left:

But if you were to come into my room all you’d see is the made up bed and niceness all around. Now my room doesn’t feel like a drag every time I go in, and I’m sure J likes it better even though he probably thinks I’m just getting to the laundry quicker. 🙂 If he ever finds my secret stash I’ll just fess up to my motives, but for now I’d rather he just think I’m doing a better job! ha!

I wore this dress to church last Sunday. Before The Great Virus befell the children 😛

Have a wonderful day!

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11 responses to “Day 154- Fishbowls, yogurt, and the Secret Stash

  1. So clever!! we always have random piles of stuff sitting around our bedroom. stashing it in the closet is a great idea. Love that cute dress!! Hope everybody is feeling better.

  2. How did your sourdough bread turn out? I’ve been thinking about trying that…

    Love your dress!!

  3. San

    Lucky, lucky you for having somewhere to stash the laundry!!! Well done for being positive, hope the kiddos are on the mend.

    San x

  4. I couldn’t stop laughing about the fishbowl to mommy at home description. I never thought of it that way, and I can’t stop smiling that it’s so true! It is like our own personal motherly fishbowl! lol!

    I hope your children get better soon. I truly know as a mom it feels like you are in a sickness period forever, even after you still have a load of more wash that wasn’t tended to due to illness. I don’t have a secret stash, because of lack of space, but I sometimes throw a beautiful blanket over it to make me feel better. lol!

    Your post was awesome. And kudos to your lovely outfit. I mentioned your blog to some of my church girlfriends, and we are thinking of taking a similar challenge to start wearing more skirts. Bravo for the inspiration. God bless you. hugs Jackie

  5. Aaahhhh….I like your laundry system! We do laundry all day it seems. I sigh when people talk about having a laundry day because if we only did it one day a week there wouldn’t be room for us!

  6. I gave laundry folding to my kids, but really as I go along I am triing really hard to pull clothes that seem to be always dirty and never worn, and that I know are too short or too tight, right now I am triing to move toward less clothes for everyone, less clothes means the laundry has to get done, but there will be less overall to wash and put up!

    Love the dress!

  7. Your fishbowl idea is a very good one – a good attitude!

  8. I have a “secret stash” of laundry, too! I keep it in the closet… but I share the closet with my husband. He knows about it, but at least it’s not out in the open, right? The bedroom still looks nice, the closet just doesn’t look nice.

    Isn’t real lemonade the best? I keep a jar of cherries in my fridge and add a few to make pink lemonade – or in the summer, I add fresh berries. When I serve it to guests, they’re always so impressed!

  9. It’s true. You just have to accept that you can’t be DONE with laundry! Keeping up with it is an accomplishment! You look cute!

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