Day 155- The faux frenchbraid and some haircuttery things

I love hair. I really do! This week we came up with this “faux frenchbraid” style that is very easy and quite cute.

Part the top of the hair and braid just a short ways and rubberband it.

Part the section underneath and separate into two sections. Use the braided piece as your third piece. The two sections will cover up the rubberband of the braided piece as you do a second braid. [Repeat]

Let me know if it makes sense! I can take more detailed pictures next time of the process if anyone is interested.

Today was a haircut day for Adam and Natalie. I believe the key to a good child’s haircut is a Dum Dum lollypop for the little customer. This ensures a willing attitude and good listening ears for directions such as “put your head down” or “look right” or “close your eyes”.

A plastic grocery bag cut down the middle and slits cut for the arms works to keep clothes mostly clean. It’s also quite fun to “whap whap” them with a hand towel afterward to get the hair off the neck and face.

I’ve always cut the kids’ hair myself because it is easy, fun and saves lots of money and time. There are few things that offer so many direct benefits! It also helps that I’m not a perfectionist and it helps that my kids have fairly “easy” hair. About two years ago I started cutting my own hair as well, pretty much for the same exact reason that I cut the kids’ hair. I estimate that this little hobby has saved at least $1, 560 for just the kid haircuts! It’s definitely worth it to pick up a pair of clippers and some basic scissors and a fine tooth comb. If you aren’t sure how to cut hair, take your child in to the salon and watch closely how they do it then practice at home. It’s ok for a little one to suffer from an uneven or “off” haircut once in awhile while you learn.

[As far as hair sites, I am having fun seeing the amazing styles that Tav comes up with on Goldilocks ‘n Me]

Finally feeling better again after I also caught the dreaded family virus! We’re almost done with this thing! yay!

Have a wonderful day!


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One response to “Day 155- The faux frenchbraid and some haircuttery things

  1. With three boys and a husband who all get cuts now I should break out my clippers and really learn how to do an “older boy” cut. The last time I took them all in at the same time (about two weeks ago) it was $50! Whew. I did their hair when they were younger but then my clippers got dull and started pulling their hair out and then they wanted older cuts instead (which I don’t know how to do) and we spiraled into the ease of the barber shop. You’ve encouraged me – I’ll look up some tutorials and figure it out šŸ™‚

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