Day 156- Swimming pool garden, Earth Box, and a good science experiment for kids

My great-grandfather was an Oklahoma farmer. My dad isn’t a farmer exactly but every spring he grows some amazing tomatoes and usually a few other things. I’ve been waiting for a decent patch of dirt to come into my life so that I can carry on the family tradition of food growing. However, for some strange reason, that patch of dirt has been eluding me. From six years of apartment living, to now townhome living, we do have a bit of space outside, but darnit if it isn’t mostly shaded.

Of course the part that is in the sun is on the concrete.

So last year, in an effort to capture the concrete sun, I tried this swimming pool garden. (Poke holes in an old swimming pool. Good way to re-purpose.)

It worked OK, but we really didn’t get as much production as I hoped for. This year we’ve cleared out some plants to try a little garden patch.

And yet everyday I go out there, and I hem and haw because I know these little leaves are not getting as much sun as they need.

Several years ago my dad bought me this Earth Box which promises huge yeilds with less watering. I don’t know why I’ve never used it (skeptical perhaps?) but this year I decided to try it. And it has the advantage of being on my patio in one of the few locations that do receive fairly steady direct sun exposure.

I’ve probably over-planted the thing.

But I will update mid-summer as to which garden is doing better!

Now, speaking of gardens, this is a SUPER NEAT experiment that I think your kids will enjoy:

Francesca brought this home from school in October. Back then it was just the two cups together with the dirt at the bottom (with seeds) and some water. Basically this mimics the atmosphere and the teacher did this with the kids to illustrate the concept of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. So it’s been fun to watch her empty cups become this grassy thing that still hasn’t dried out over all of these months. That water keeps on keeping on with its recycling. Very fun!

The kids were having fun with the self-timer today

Have a wonderful day!



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