Day 162- Public school children are creative too

I wore this dress on Easter Sunday. Glad I've already gotten a chance to wear it again!

I should probably be a homeschooler really. Most of my friends homeschool their children. Most of the blogs I read end up belonging to a homeschooling family. I do feel quite like-minded with homeschoolers and believe in many of the philosophies and support it fully. Even though I’m not one of them, they’re still my peeps.

And yet, have you ever had the experience of believing in and supporting something, and still for one reason or another, it’s not the choice you end up making? The only example I can think of is a mother who fully supports natural childbirth and homebirth and yet because of her particular health circumstances, will always birth in the hospital and maybe even with assistance from drugs etc. Perhaps she has a lot of natural birthy friends (especially homebirthy friends) and occasionally feels the need to say “Hey, you know my hospital experience was really good for me!” Well, that’s me here, standing up and waving my arms a bit and saying “Hey, you know my public schooled child is a great kid! She’s friendly! Creative! She really works well with other children! And I’m happy with her progress in school!”

I think the biggest misconception I run across is that public schooled children don’t have time for creativity. They don’t have time to just explore their world.

In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to creativity is not school. It’s too much screen time. The second biggest obstacle is too many scheduled activities.

Mama and baby dolls and furniture she made out of paper plates. And the house is scrapbook paper.

Here she is working on some random craft with paper and noodles.

I help with nothing.

It’s not that we are a no tv family around here. I think it’s more that television  is treated more as a snack rather than a whole meal. After school the kids play together and they are GOOD at playing together. They come up with lots of interesting things to do!

On a rainy day, all three are under there with books and drawings.

Reading Brother his favorite story.

These are the kinds of pictures I always see on homeschool blogs. Public school kids DO have an interesting life outside of school! (And inside of school!) Like all things, it’s what you make of it.

Have a wonderful day!



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11 responses to “Day 162- Public school children are creative too

  1. Colette

    I agree with you that screen time and over scheduling can be detrimental no matter the schooling. More important than the schooling choice is the parenting. Good job!

  2. San

    I’ve missed your posts and as always you look lovely, I especially like the beautiful yellow dress. I’ve schooled and home edded two of our older girls and am currently home edding our son Benedict. He originally did start off at school but due to complex medical needs is now home educated. I think you are so right about screen time and it is lovely to read that your little girl is doing so well.

    Hugs to you San xx

  3. faerieeva

    Oh, I love that post. I am in a similar position. Well, most of my family would be horrified at the idea of us homeschooling, but so many of my friends and blog friends are homeschoolers. And now and again I end up feeling guilty that I am not. And then I look at my oldest, and how happy, content and creative he is. How much he has learned already, and how well things are working out.

  4. I was public-schooled and parochial-schooled as a child, and I was always reading and drawing and creating. I think whether or not kids are creative and play has a lot more to do with personality and parents than it does with how kids are educated.

    As a homeschooling parent, I’d like to say that I think the public school system is a huge blessing for the majority of families, and I don’t think parents who send their kids to school are taking the easy route or anything like that. (In many ways, sending kids to school is HARDER than educating at home!) I know many fabulous public-school teachers and parents who work hard to make their kids’ education as complete and fun and stimulating as it can be. Just like sending my daughter to school isn’t the right choice for our family, I know homeschooling is not the right choice for every kid and every family out there. I’m thankful that in our country we have systems in place to make sure that every child receives a good education!

  5. Jessica

    Yup, I was in parochial school and spent a lot of time drawing and painting and reading and playing. I think a large part of that was because we DIDN’T have a lot of scheduled activities, so that helped a lot.

    Maybe the pro-homeschool voices seem more adamant just because so many people don’t even consider it a viable option. I like thinking of public, private, and home-schooling as all different choices for different families (and different kids in those families).

    • Hi Jessica, I wonder sometimes if homeschool families are surrounded by traditional schooling families and this is why I see this so much? I definitely feel that public school bashing is rampant especially on Christian blogs (and really, all I really read are Christian blogs). And there seems to be this tone that public school children don’t have time to do interesting things like go on trips, do creative art, play with and develop relationships with siblings etc… I do agree that I see an eventual time-crunch happening. Meaning that I’ll have to make a choice to limit extracurricular activities for the sake of having that open play time that I believe is valuable. And perhaps homeschool families do have the time for both. But I also know that there are many homeschool families quietly functioning, not writing blogs, who let their children play video games all day. So I suppose I get a tad antsy when I see this idealized homeschool portrayal over and over again.

      • Well, we homeschool, and I think my daughter probably watches a lot more TV than she would if she were in school all day, just because we’re HOME and the TV is right there. Also, right now, that’s what she gets to do as a treat while I’m putting her little sister to bed for naps twice a day which works well for me because I know she’s sitting in the living room, not getting into trouble. 😉 But for me, the extra time she spends watching TV right now is totally worth the time I get to spend with her, and the time she gets to spend with her sister.

      • Jessica

        Well, unfortunately it might be inevitable to have an “us against them” mentality about schooling, regardless of which option you choose. At my private school growing up, I distinctly remember an air of superiority to the public school kids. Maybe because we were just dumb kids? People always want to think their way is BEST, but things are rarely as good or as bad as they’re made out to be.

        You’re clearly putting a lot of thought into raising your children, so don’t be antsy! 🙂

  6. jen

    Hi! I recently discovered your blog (linked from LMLD) and have been really enjoying reading through your posts. Seeing your real life fashions are inspiring! I feel like we share many of the same interests (and tastes in dress!)– so glad you are sharing your creativity and thoughts with others. Your insight and opinions on learning at school and creativity are really resonating with me. So glad to have found your blog!


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