Day 163- The Earth box is winning- no contest

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my gardening woes and how I’m trying an Earth Box for the first time? Well, hardly any time has passed, and I intended to post the plants’ progress in mid-summer, but really…there is no contest.

Plants in the ground, and…

plants in the Earth Box.

The ones in the Earth Box look like I’m giving them steroids or something. It is truly amazing to me to go outside each day and it’s like I can physically SEE them growing. The leaves are huge. The stems are huge and flowers are abundant.

Now my father warned me not to get too happy too fast. He said that sometimes the plants have trouble setting fruit. He says they’ll get to a certain size and still be green and just fall off. Like maybe it’s possible for the plant to grow TOO fast. I’ll update as to how the veggies actually grow/taste when the time comes.

As for my other sorry plants, the lack of adequate sun exposure is obvious. They appear to be dormant and I’ve seen very little growth since they were planted over a month ago. Of course I don’t know how much of the Earth Box’s glory is due to the Earth Box itself or due to the better sun location. I suspect it is both because what makes the Earth Box special is the way the roots are able to pull constant moisture from the soil due to the design of the box and the special watering tube.

Have a wonderful day!



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2 responses to “Day 163- The Earth box is winning- no contest

  1. San

    What are you growing in the earth box, do I spy tomatoes in there? The veggies look fab, hope they do fruit and that all your hard work pays off.

    San xx

  2. Aha, I’m a huge fan of the earthbox. Check out my blog:)
    PS your plants will have no problems setting fruit.

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