So how come I’m not posting as much????

Hmmm…good question! It’s strange because I have a lot to write about. It seems every single day something happens and I think to myself, I should write about that. But then I don’t.

The truth is, I’m feeling a bit burdened by the skirts!!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the skirts. And there are a few days in there that I wore a skirt but didn’t take the time to take a picture. Overall it has been a good experiment for me. But at this point, I don’t feel I NEED the skirts anymore. I’ve tapped into what I felt was missing.

And what was that anyway?

Well…I guess my personal best.

I think most of us go through transitions in our lives where we feel that what has always worked for us isn’t working anymore. I was feeling myself becoming pretty stale, and I wanted to pick myself up from that and get out of my comfort zone! And focusing on my wardrobe definitely helped with that. But I’ve discovered some other things along the way that have also helped:


Growing my hair out- better hair care


Just writing that makes me sound like an idiotic female or something! Ha! But the truth is, these little things do make a big difference. For me, I don’t feel the need to look AMAZING. I just want to feel fresh and happy.

And let’s face it: I guess I like my jeans. I yam who I yam.

So at this point, I’m not sure where this blog is headed. I suppose I’ve sort of failed at my Year in Skirts mission. Although I don’t feel the experiment failed me at all. And I do still wear skirts of course. Just not all the time. So, will I keep posting? Just about other things? I’m not sure yet! But I DEFINITELY want to thank all of you who have read this blog and commented. You’ve been a real encouragement to me! And I hope some of you have been encouraged too, to be your personal best.

Have a wonderful day!



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7 responses to “So how come I’m not posting as much????

  1. Jessica

    I was pretty astounded that you were going to go a YEAR wearing skirts. Congrats on the effort! I just saw this today, and it sounds like what you’ve experienced. (

    By paying attention to this part of your life, you’ve improved it. Kudos!

  2. San

    So pleased to read you are OK! Loved your recent post… keep blogging though as your place is always a nice place to pop by!

    Hugs San xx

  3. Shannon

    Looove this post, Jamie. Love that you challenged yourself, took a step, gave something new a try, and grew and learned from it … probably in some unexpected ways! What more can we ask for in life but to keep learning and growing more authentically into the person God has for us to be. What a fun journey. (That isn’t over yet!) 🙂

  4. Michelle

    I hope you keep blogging! I enjoy reading blogs about other families – normal regular families. You don’t have to have a purpose or special topic (in my humble opinion says the non-blogger) just talk about projects, family life, how you make your home special and happy, everyday things. No pressure though! =)

  5. Lisa Adams

    You inspired me to wear skirts….sometimes. I went to college 20 yrs ago where I had to wear a skirt or dress to class so when I graduated, I just never really went to wearing feminine clothing. I had a couple holiday dresses in my closet and a jeans skirt, that was about it. Then I went back to work at a hospital and my coworker (we are counselors) only wears skirts. So I went to my fav thrift store and bought a few. Boy, did they make me feel great, really getting up and going to work and having to look “professional” does great things for me anyway. I was a stay at home mom for 14 years. I do not begrudge the time, but looking nice had taken a low priority. Anyway, swishy skirts and a lines are fun to wear. Sometimes.

  6. do we readers get to vote? haha. i hope you keep blogging!!!

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