Day 172- Reusing pickle juice and half-eaten bananas

This is one of those posts where you’ll either think this is SO GREAT or you’ll think this is SO GROSS! Don’t worry, I’ll like you either way.

Ok, the first comes via Amy Dacyczyn’s The Complete Tightwad Gazette. This is a super fun book with so many frugal ideas. It’s a real delight.

So, one of her tips is how to reuse pickle juice. (This is so incredibly easy I cannot believe I had never heard of this before.)

Finished with your pickles? Don’t dump the juice!

Buy some small cucumbers, cut them up and put them in!

Cover and put back into the fridge for four days and you’ve got yourself some new pickles for a fraction of the price! (Note: this is my first time trying this, so I’m not sure if four days will really be enough time for the brine to work. But it’ll be fun to see.)

Ok, the next one I’m guessing that many folks already do. Perhaps they don’t admit to it? I’m not sure. At any rate, if your kids are anything like mine, especially if they happen to be about…oh, 2 1/2, then you may find half-eaten bananas are a part of your life. I know the simple solution would be to cut the banana in half, but many times the little booger (er, child) insists on a whole one and I’m too spineless to keep up with insisting she have a half. So I quite often end up with this:

Not wanting to be wasteful, I cut off the bit ends,

slice them up and put into a baggie for the freezer.

Many people do this one right?

Those frozen bananas, plus some ice, milk, vanilla extract, and spoonful of cocoa powder make a delicious chocolate breakfast shake.

Have a wonderful day!



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7 responses to “Day 172- Reusing pickle juice and half-eaten bananas

  1. San

    Love the tightwad folks they are great! We make banana smoothies and sometimes I had peanut butter, but the cocoa trick sounds good, so I’ll be giving that one a try.

    San x

  2. Hmm, I don’t know about you, but I think it actually costs me more to buy enough small cucumbers to fit in a pickle jar than it would cost me to buy the pickles. 🙂

    And I use my frozen bananas for banana bread! Just defrost them in the microwave till they’re soft.

  3. Let me know if using the leftover brine actually makes new pickles! That would be pretty neat if it did.

  4. Michelle

    I do that with the half eaten bananas too!

  5. lemontreelane

    we often buy the discounted brown/ripe bananas and peel, break in pieces and freeze uncovered for an hour or 2 then put in a big baggie and we use for smoothies or thaw for banana bread… we do this with other ripe fruit!

  6. Sheri J

    Ok that is SO GREAT! But when I read the first paragraph I thought you were going to but the bananas in the brine as well… that would be GROSS!!!!

  7. I have saved commercial pickle juice to make new pickles. You don’t have to buy the more expensive small cucumbers. Any cucumber will work. Just cut into slices or wedges and stuff the jar. Put in the Fridge and invert (turn) the jar daily unitl the new pickles are infused with the brine. Your new pickles will retain their bright green color but will taste just like pickles. When this batch is gone you can repeat the process. After that, I usually throw out the brine and start with a fresh jar of store bought pickles.

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