Day 173- Memory Days

Today was a special day. It was the last day that A and N (sorry, I’m feeling the need to be a bit more incognito with their names) shared a preschool day together.

I hate transitions! UGH! Maybe I just hate feeling all emotional about endings and beginnings. I’m a worrier so transitions sort of bring that out in me even more. Nevertheless, I had to capture this day and all the sweet memories of this wonderful school year of them sharing preschool. Singing songs about the days of the week, months of the year, playing with fake food and funky over-used baby dolls that are shoved into the front of their shopping carts, riding super-heavy steel tricycles with squeaky wheels, making crafts with glue bottles that are always stuck, and SHARE TIME! Oh their favorite part of the whole day, where the teacher pulls one of their toys from home from a box and the child jumps up, claims his toy, and tells the kids what he brought. This is so exciting for the kids (all of the preschool kids just get so jazzed with this) and they always get that sweet smile. The day ends with a song of “skidamarink a dink a dink” and a sticker.

Good stuff. Good memory days.

Also in my mental memory book, are all these days of seeing the kids run home after picking up Sister from school.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Lisa Adams

    You know what? I get emotional at transitions too. My oldest just finished the 8th grade. But I am sad if for example the year and the teacher were extra good and magical, or when the year was baad and there is relief its over. Sometimes its the realization that those moments are gone forever and its off to a new adventure….high school in our case. Enjoy!

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