4 weeks to better nails (or so I say)

I’m determined darnit.

Ok so this is how it all started.

There is a gal on my FB page who posted a video of nail art. I’ve NEVER been into nails at all. I have a very short nail bed and am a chronic nail snipper, and thus my nails look like this:

I know. Isn’t that terrible? And this is a picture of my nails looking nice. I actually bought some stuff (a file, cuticle thingie, a top and base coat) and this is post self-manicure.

I say it’s terrible, but the truth is I’ve never cared. But I’m turning a new leaf! I’ve been inspired by LOVE4NAILS on youtube who is the most amazing nail artist I’ve ever seen. Not only did her videos make me want to take better care of my nails and hands in general, but in 10 seconds of watching her for the first time my snooty attitude about nail art was totally changed.

Who knew I even HAD a snooty attitude about nail art?

But I guess I did. Because when I first saw the designs I thought they looked kind of ghetto. Or at least kind of “loose woman-ish”. And I’m not a loose woman! I’m an upstanding citizen darnit!

But I clicked and started watching and right away I thought “Well hey…she doesn’t sound ghetto…or skanky…at all. She sounds really nice! And gee her voice is super-soothing! She’s probably way nicer than I am. Wow… this takes a lot of talent. I wish she were my neighbor. Then she could do my nails…”

And from thinking nail art was kind of ghetto, now I WISH I could do it!

Jason’s granny is turning 75 and she’s a super-glamorous lady and I know she would love to have awesome nails for her birthday. What a cool gift to give.

This is just one example of TONS of videos. And usually she has much longer nails.

So after absorbing myself in the relaxing nature of watching an artist paint (does it matter if it’s canvas or nail?) I began to see that my nails have much more potential than I’ve been allowing them to have. I don’t know that my personality can handle SUPER AWESOME AMAZING nails, but how about clean,  neat, and with a nail that isn’t cut all the way to the nailbed? Is that too much to ask? (That’s actually going to be a really hard habit to break! I always cut my nails whenever they have the slightest length. But it does nothing for the aesthetics of my hands.)

Here are LOVE4NAILS tips on growing long natural nails.

So following her advice, my strategy for the next for weeks is to do the following:

1. quit fiddling so much with my nails and hyper-cutting them.

2. If I’m going crazy and really want to cut them, just file them… a little!

3. hydrate daily. For now I’m using coconut oil or Aquaphor.

4. apply a top coat regularly

And that’s it!

Have  a wonderful day!



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2 responses to “4 weeks to better nails (or so I say)

  1. Have you seen this video from PBS Idea Channel, about nail art? 🙂

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