Has anyone out there tried fasting?

I did my first fast today and did really well…until bedtime! At 10:30pm I just could not fall asleep and I have VBS at 8am tomorrow. So I got up and had some cereal and avocado. I’m wondering how folks finish a fast? The getting-to-sleep part.

Anyway, I’ve thought of the subject of fasting for a little while. A friend of mine had a growth on her thyroid that kept on growing and her doctors recommended surgery to remove the thyroid completely. Not wanting the surgery (cutting into the neck, eek!) or wanting to be on thyroid supplements for the rest of her life, she tried EVERYTHING to try and help her body heal itself. She went to a nutritionist and followed a strict diet (of what I don’t know). She cut out all artificial stuff including chemical hair-care products. And she tried other healing arts like accupuncture. Nothing changed.

Then she read The New Fast Girls: Fasting: An Ancient Practice for the Modern Girl and was inspired. She began doing a weekly fast on Mondays. She kept this discipline for three months and in this time she lost 11lbs with no other effort and her thyroid growth actually shrunk (although it still is not fully gone). She was sold. She is completely convinced of the healing properties of a regular fast.

My own pastor is a very dedicated faster. During lent he usually fasts from sugar and is completely vegan, but during Holy Week he fully fasts for seven days. He says by day three you are really rolling, and your sensory experience is very much heightened. He says that it is good to give your organs a rest. I’ve read that a three day fast fully cleanses the blood.

Three days sounds like a super-long time to me when you have kids to take care of. Even a whole-day fast seemed daunting. So I never tried it.

But on Saturday we were at a party and there was so. much. food. Mucho comiendo. I was so full I couldn’t sleep (sheesh maybe I just have trouble sleeping) and I figured why not just give my digestive system a break on Sunday? So I did. And here I am. With a sort-of completed fast.

Connie from Smockity Frocks wrote of her fasting experience and she has eight kids so I have nothing to compare to that.  A big part of fasting is drawing closer to God through prayer. Realizing how weak we really are without the Lord’s daily provision. I don’t know that I experienced a deeper spiritual fulfillment today, but perhaps I didn’t deny myself long enough. Perhaps at 10:35pm if I had started turning to the Lord to sustain me for the night, rather than marching into my kitchen, I would understand better.

At any rate, during the day I kept my palate busy by constantly sipping iced tea, or water, or Fresca. Who knows if I’ll try it again?

Just some “food for thought”! har har

Have a wonderful day!



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3 responses to “Fasting

  1. Mama Benedikt

    I think you did great for a first fast. It’s tough when you are keeping house and taking care of children all day. They eat in front of you and you watch…
    In my humble opinion, fasting can be done many ways. One can fast from other things than food, though this is good, as we are a self-indulgent culture. Fasting from negative thoughts, complaints, etc. Fasting like Catholics on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday: one whole meal and two smaller meals, which do not equal the one whole meal. I really should not fast from food like this due to health reasons. God understands that. I still fast. I eat small meals throughout the day. That keeps my blood sugar even. Others can fast 24 hours straight. Temperance is a virtue I keep in kind. When I eat, do I eat to live or live to eat? We can enjoy foods but should not be eating so much, we feel stuffed all the time. Still, fasting can take on various forms. Right now, Muslims around the world are observing Ramadan. They fast (no food or liquid) all day until sundown. Then eat as they wish. I think God would want us to use the intelligence he gave us and fast according to what is best for us. One person fasts one way another their way. The key is, how to become closer to Jesus. If one fasts from food all day but is cranky, argumentative and rude to others, then they have set themselves back. How about feasting? Jesus attended many a feast! Feast on the beauty of your family. Thank God throughout the day for them and make a point to do a little something special for them. They need not know your motives. Feast on forgiveness. Be thankful that Jesus forgives us time and again when we fall. Attempt to be more forgiving/quick to forgive. If there is a relationship that can be repaired, attempt it. Feast on prayer. Take sometime each day for God alone. Even If it is only a few minutes you hide in the garage, bathroom, closet, or when everyone is asleep. LOL! Feast on the goodness of others, the generosity of God and how we are so blessed. Well you get the gist. Sometimes it is harder and more advantageous to fast from our quick tongue than from those chocolate candies. Whatever brings us closer to the Heart and Soul of Jesus. Whatever helps us become more Christ-like in our day-to-day lives.

  2. I’ve fasted from sugar during Lent several times. It’s always pretty enlightening, and I pray a lot more because of all the prayers asking God to help me resist temptation!

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