The nails two weeks in

Oh boy was I tempted to cut ’em last weekend. But then for the past five days it’s been no problem. Perhaps part of this is because the fam has been sick and I’m writing this half dizzy. But sheesh. What a difference a little bit of nail makes. I’m not sure they’ve ever been this long before.

My day one nails two weeks ago.


Have a wonderful day!



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4 responses to “The nails two weeks in

  1. Pam

    Hi, I have been following your blog for a few months. I was inspired by you to try wearing skirts more often, and have been converted to a full time skirt wearer.
    Your nails look nice! Is that clear polish, or do you buff them?

    • How awesome! Glad you’re enjoying your skirts. I’m still enjoying mine as well.

      My nails right now have a base coat that looks a tad shiny and I used a white pencil underneath the nail about five days ago to make the tips stand out more. It makes a big difference!

  2. Jennifer

    Beautiful inspiration! My nails usually grubby from garden work & I forget it really takes a minimal amount of effort to make them look presentable. Thank you for your gentle reminders about maintaining a level of femininity in “real life”!

    • Aww thanks Jennifer. I’m quite surprised I’ve never taken the least bit of care of my hands. Always pick, pick, picking at them. I suppose I still am fiddling with them, but just in more productive ways (ie through my little self-manicures). Thank you for your sweet comment!

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