he he! Having fun with youtube nail art


Cupcake nails!


I know they’re not perfect, but for a first try I’m quite happy! Given my joy in painting birdhouses, this is sort of the same thing only on a much smaller scale, and left-handed to boot.

If you’re interested in such a thing, you can probably give it a try right now. Why? Because I’ve learned that the ladies who do these designs are primarily using acrylic paints, not nail polish. So it’s quite probable that you have several interesting colors in your home right now.

The fact that I already had these three colors in our art supply is what prompted me to try the cupcake style. That and its cuteness and I think Frannies will want some matchy ones too.

My nails were already painted with a base coat. I then applied the pink with the larger regular paintbrush. The red stripes were applied with the smaller paintbrush. My “dotting tool” (as you’ll see her use if you watch the linked video) was the back of the paintbrush. So don’t be intimidated by lack of supplies if you want to have a bit of fun. (You will need to have a topcoat for sure.)


Have a wonderful day!




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2 responses to “he he! Having fun with youtube nail art

  1. Cute! The back end of the paintbrush is how I make dots when I paint dottery pottery, too. 🙂

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