Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


My nails after three weeks of no cutting.


I got to see my wonderful cousin (there on the left) fiddle at an Irish Pub before he goes back to school in Boston. I remember his very first recital when he was 4 years old and squeaking out Mary Had a Little Lamb. Now he’s a pro and it fills me with joy to see him all grown up and doing well. (Now don’t y’all think he and Bridget would look cute together with their fiddling selves? They’re only about five years apart in age (I think) but he’s Jewish so it probably wouldn’t work! But still, the cuteness!)


I don’t take funny pictures! I have nothing funny to share. In fact I’ve been rather blue of late.


Perhaps this is why. My Mt. Washmore!

A good phone conversation always gets me through laundry. So I was able to get this done pretty quickly.

Have a wonderful day!

Like Mother, Like Daughter



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4 responses to “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. Your nails look very nice. Hope you find something to laugh at soon! ;D

  2. Nice to see you again! I love how many people’s idea of “real” is the mountain of laundry, heehee.

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