Wow…4.27 miles!

I just got home from a run today that I honestly thought was going to be a walk. I had decided to walk my 2 mile loop but began to feel more energy so I took a different turn to get onto my 3 mile loop. Once at the 1 mile marker I was feeling even more energetic and decided to run. At an intersection where I typically turn right, I just decided to go for it and headed straight, leading me on a route that is a full one mile longer than I’ve ever gone. And I did it! I ran 4 miles! (Well…probably not fully 4 miles since I did start the whole thing walking. But the honest round trip was 4. 27 altogether.)

I’m feeling so proud of myself. I honestly thought I’d never be this fit again in my life and I really have my husband to thank for inspiring me.

He started riding his bike five years ago, and through little changes that added up to big changes, he lost 30 lbs and is in fantastic shape. When he first started it was a big adjustment and I would sometimes get jealous of all the time he spent riding (“Why do I have to watch the kids AGAIN while he gets to ride?) But then I began to understand how important it was for his well-being and I learned to be supportive. When I stopped being jealous and instead focused on his accomplishments, he really started to impress me. He didn’t lose weight and become a faster athlete by some miracle. He works really really hard at it. He’s so dedicated. For several years he would go for a run after the kids were in bed. Now he’s up at 5 am to ride on his rollers in the garage. Fitness is something he’s really had to make happen.

As for me, I truly didn’t think I’d ever be fit again. I had come to a point in my life where I was ok with being average and thought that I’d probably just get a tad squishier with age and it was all good! But then watching my pleasantly squishy man become distressingly lean (distressing to me, not to him) I felt like “Darnit! You messed up the plan! We were supposed to just be squishy together!” It bugged me that he was looking cuter than me. I’m the wife. I’m supposed to be the cute one. But as I watched Jason change his life and habits, I began to understand that it isn’t about cuteness, it’s about ability. Jason likes that he’s lost weight, but what he really likes is that he’s much faster now on the bike. He likes that he can leave the house at 6 am and ride 70 miles and be home by noon. Now I’m so proud of him for what he’s done. And he has really shown me through the years that it takes daily effort to make these changes. Like the saying goes, “What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in awhile.”

And now because of my own daily changes, I can run!

Thank you wonderful hubby for your inspiration.



Have a wonderful day!

My contentment for the week, linked toΒ Like Mother, Like Daughter



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7 responses to “Wow…4.27 miles!

  1. wow- I am inspired by both of you!!! And by your supportive attitude toward your husband. I confess to being annoyed sometimes by my husband’s desire to run all the time. Perhaps I should just dust off my running shoes and join him!! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Anne- that supportive attitude took a LONG time to come by I assure you!!! It really wasn’t until my youngest was past 2 years of age that I was able to reliably leave the house to exercise on my own. So I do think it is harder for us mothers especially when we have young children. Which is ironic of course because that is often when we need that recharging the most.

  2. Inspiring post! So what time do you run? Before or after Jason works? I’ve recently been thinking I need to get in shape more. And knowing this baby is coming in December is a bit of a motivator to be in the best shape possible! πŸ™‚

    • I can only really run when it isn’t super hot so that means either as the kids are going to bed or if I happen to wake up early on a Sunday morning. Out on a walk/run is a wonderful time to pray.

  3. Shannon

    “Darnit! You messed up the plan! We were supposed to just be squishy together!” <–HAAAA. That's my favorite. I love it.

    Good for you both. πŸ™‚

  4. Dwayne

    Jamie, of every picture you’ve shown on “A Year In Skirts”, you have ALWAYS looked fit. While we’re on the subject of fitness, on “Dressing with Dignity” author Colleen Hammond’s website(, she has a post for what is known as the “Exerskirt”(it is a below-the-knee skirt MiraClothes makes for exercise. It is proof that staying in shape and dressing feminine aren’t, and don’t have to be, exclusive). The Exerskirt can be purchased at

    • Thanks Dwanye. But there is a difference between how one looks and one’s true ability. And I really was not able to physically do even close to what I can do now. Over time I’m sure it would have become more apparent. And thanks for the link!

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