At least once every four years I know I’ll see natural women on tv

Well, the Olympics is now over and the parade of cool sports that I actually enjoy watching has quickly departed. For me, the Olympics isn’t just about sport, it’s about the human body and appreciating all that it can do and be. And one thing that I genuinely appreciate is seeing that beautiful body in all of its different shapes and sizes, so perfectly attuned to the activity in which it’s been engaged for so many years.

Because if there is one thing that really bugs me, it’s the constant marketing of the “health look”. What is the “health look”? Well, my nickname for it is Processed American Cheese. It’s the same super-tanned, super-abs lady with fake boobs that graces all of the packaging for fitness products. The problem is that this is not natural and it isn’t true health. And so many women are trying to be this person they constantly see. And I don’t appreciate the lie.

What I appreciate is the truth. And the Olympics delivers the truth.

And the truth is that most athletic women have smallish boobs!  And some are short and others are tall and some are willowy and others are thick. And the truth is that the older respected female coaches have normal unaltered faces!  Hooray for the truth being paraded all over tv for two whole weeks.

And now it’s over.

But for a short time, there was an oasis on tv. Where ability mattered most. Where effort and heart and wisdom were the most important attributes for women.

And I’m pretty irritated that I have to wait so long to see it again!





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4 responses to “At least once every four years I know I’ll see natural women on tv

  1. Shannon

    Yes, yes, YESSSS!!!!! I’m SO with you on this. (But you knew that.) 🙂

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  3. Lauren S.

    Here here!! 🙂

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