Reassuring Beauty

One day, I was at our local library and was watching one of the librarians do her weekly preschool storytime. This woman is not a classic beauty. In fact she’s the type of woman that is probably pretty much ignored. But as I was sitting there that day I realized how much I did, in fact, like how she looked. I realized that if I were to not see women like her anymore I would be so sad or if she suddenly were possessed by the “I should look hot and sexy at 50!” fever, I would not nearly feel so comfortable in her presence. So what was it? I just found her pleasant and reassuring.

Reassuring. Her beauty reassures me. The way she dresses. The way she just IS. It isn’t about a never-ending quest to evoke lust. Or a never-ending quest to avoid ones’ individuality or the passage of time.

I began to take notice of other women who reassured me. Women of all ages and types who just look nice. Decent. Pleasant. Clean. And I saw so so many. Women doing their jobs, or being with their kids. Or studying their school books. Do these women EVER get appreciated for how nice they look? For how they make others feel? Do they appreciate themselves? I know that when I think of myself this way, I definitely appreciate myself more.

Evaluated on this scale, suddenly the vast majority of women and girls (men and boys too!) are enough. Because reassuring beauty is something everyone can attain. It makes no requirements of age or ethnicity or body type or even style.  It simply says “Are others comfortable being around you?” If the answer is yes, then really isn’t that plenty? Frankly it really evens the playing field and creates a much less competitive culture.

The Lord gave Adam and Eve everything they ever could have needed or wanted and the serpent convinced Eve that it wasn’t enough. Isn’t that what’s happening now? Only the Devil could convince legions of perfectly lovely women and girls that they aren’t enough. This is why I believe it is so important to turn away from influences that preach otherwise. These messages aren’t positive and they aren’t of the Lord.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you appreciate yourself and how reassuring you are to others by embracing yourself just as you are.

[Edit: Thank you This is a Woman for including my previous post in your weekly awesome list. It was fun to have many new visitors!]


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