Day 174: Back in the Saddle

I think a good look that almost always works for me is the “tennis skirt” look. It’s casual and comfortable and nice all at the same time.


And thanks so much for the feedback yesterday. I would love this blog to include more people than just myself (aka YOU!) , so I need to get to work figuring out how to do that. Thanks for being a reader here and for the support!

Have a wonderful day!




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9 responses to “Day 174: Back in the Saddle

  1. San

    Thanks for sharing another skirt wearing day and the flickr photos are helpful too. If you’re wanting folks to share I guess it’ll be a mister linky widget or something similar?
    Have a good day
    San x

  2. Venus

    I enjoy your blog. I haven’t been on alot lately, but did see where you are working on having pretty nails, and I thought you had given up on skirts only. Personally, I wear skirts and dresses only every day, and love them. they are so comfortable. Keep posting I enjoy them.

    • Dwayne

      Venus, if your wardrobe choices mean anything, you can make less “enlightened”(for lack of a better term) gals realize just how much better and more ladylike skirts and dresses are. Also, and you may find this refreshing and surprising, but I myself prefer females who, like you, wear skirts and dresses every day. Keep up the good work!

  3. Jessica

    Glad to see you sticking with the skirts! It’s not narcissistic. For me, it’s helpful for thinking outside the box of “peasant skirts,” the only ones I ever wore (and outgrew the fad years ago).

  4. Candice

    You look great in the tennis skirt. Yay for you. Also, loved your posts about the swim skirt. You inspired me to start wearing more skirts too, and as a new mum I love it. Thanks

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