Day 175: The best swimsuit

The kids and I went swimming today, so before the summer is over I wanted to share what, to me, is the best swim suit. The most important quality in a swimsuit is comfort. And that doesn’t just mean a suit that doesn’t pull or pinch in odd places, it’s really about total holistic comfort. For most women, that’s pretty hard to come by.

For me though, that comfort is achieved when I wear a tank with a swimskirt.

1. I don’t feel embarrassed wearing this around anyone. And by anyone I mean my dad, father-in-law, another mom friend, or neighbors. (We have an association pool.)

2. No one at any time will be staring at my butt crack. Yay!

3. No special-effort lady grooming is required. Yay!

4. Whatever tan I’ve happened to get while wearing shorts, blends fine with a swim skirt. Without it and I’d have a highlighted white booty that blends into sort-of tanned legs. Or a very highlighted white stomach. Either that or I’d have to deal with special-effort tanning and that’s too much work and I’m not really into that anyways.

5. Because of #1-4 I can enjoy swimming without worry or preparation.

6. I don’t look like a “hottie” but nevertheless people do like this suit. I’ve gotten several compliments on it and my other one.

7. I really don’t know that my swimsuit preference is the reason for this, but my daughter prefers one piece suits and does not want her tummy exposed. Not only has she never begged me for a bikini (a friend this summer said that her daughter, also 7, was begging for one) it just really isn’t on her radar to want one. In fact, what she really wants, is a swim skirt!

8. I think other women appreciate modest swimsuits especially when their husband is also at the pool. Reassuring beauty at work, no? = Less competitive vibe among women.

I hope you were able to find a comfortable suit this summer. If not, perhaps next year try the tank/skirt combo and see how you feel.

Have a wonderful day!



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10 responses to “Day 175: The best swimsuit

  1. Shannon

    I had my perfect suit … until my hubby accidentally threw it away recently. *SNIFF* I loved it for all of the reasons you listed above – now I have to start over. SIGH. Here was what I had:

    Mine was longer on me than what shows in the pic b/c it was probably a bit too big … but it worked for me! I have issues with having my nether regions hangin’ out for all to see (I just can’t deal w/ feeling like I’m in my underpants in front of a bunch of people!), so the skirt on this made me feel so much more comfortable, yet I didn’t feel like I had some “grandma suit” on, either. The other plus was that it was loose around the belly. I have DR from having my kiddos, so I’m not a big fan of having things tight up against my stomach. This covered in all the right places.

    #inswimsuitmourning 😦

  2. jen

    Mine is a tank and swim shorts from L.L. Bean. I feel modest enough in it and comfortable being around people without feeling totally judged.

  3. San

    Yay for modest swim wear!! Shame I lack total confidence in the pool!! Will have to work on that one. I think Lands End do a very similar style.
    Have a good day
    San x

  4. Amanda

    Is it a regular tank or a swimsuit tank? I can’t for the life of my find a full length swim suit tank top, just tankinis.

  5. OK, your ‘butt crack’ comment is the best!!! I so wish you lived right around the corner from me. Would love to have you over to hang out!! If you’re ever in Indiana, let me know. 🙂

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