A human environmentalist?

I’m sure you’ve detected (I’m not very subtle) my anger at the changing landscape of how cosmetic surgery is creeping into society as a cultural norm. I see the vigorous advertisement of procedures directly via billboards and tv commercials, “product placement” advertising (aka all the folks on TV who’ve had obvious work done, oh and my favorite, “news segments” on the latest procedures. Thanks evening news), and the actual people around me in town who have taken the bait and are purchasing cosmetic surgery procedures in greater numbers (thank God it isn’t a majority, but my fear is that it could end up that way). It’s like a disease I tell you. A disease that is spreading.

So what would you call a person who is an environmentalist, but the environment they want to save is the integrity of the healthy human body? Can anyone come up with a good name for that?

The American Association for Plastic Surgeons has created the most slick business plan by taking the normal healthy body, calling it a deformity in various ways, and lo and behold the “cure” is to buy their sculpting services. They then pat themselves on the back for how helpful they are to people. I hate them. But they’re winning and I see it. (The fitness industry has also been doing this for years.)

So what would you call this kind of activism that wants to start sending angry letters and getting pissy with the council members of cities who post these billboards?

Thanks for any insight!

[Update: Today I contacted the city manager in the City of Irwindale to complain about the billboard. He says he has received other complaints as well and has asked the billboard company to change it. He says that it isn’t against the law to post such things but that residents don’t like it. If you live near me and have seen the 210 fwy billboard and would also like to complain about it you can call John Davidson at (626)430-2217. ¬†My next step is figuring out why this isn’t illegal. I believe it has to do with the passage of some legislation in 1996. Don’t be afraid to be a squeaky wheel!]

[Update #2- The billboard has been removed!]


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  1. bethinthecity

    Good for you! Keep us posted on your activism. We may see areas where we can jump on board in our own hometowns!

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