Day 176: Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


I asked a few days ago about posting skirt pics, and people DO like the skirts. So I’m back to throwing up pics of my simple little outfits.


I’m so so so happy that this boy

now LOVES to swim! Yay!!!!


On your mark! Get set! GOOOO!


Since Leila posted about picky eating the other day, I thought I’d share one of the little things that I do on the food front. I make a whole bunch of hard boiled eggs and keep them in the fridge in an easy access tupperware. This is the perfect “fast food” and I find that so so often I am hustling the kids into the car at 9:30am (this summer it was for swimming lessons) and realize that they’ve barely had anything more than Rice Crispies for breakfast. Cereal really isn’t the kind of food that lasts in the tummy, but eggs are! So I grab three (or four if I need one) eggs and hustle myself into the car. Before we pull out of the driveway, I’m peeling eggs and passing them back and the kids eat something nutritious as we drive.

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Have a wonderful day!



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4 responses to “Day 176: Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. Hard-cooked eggs are a great blessing. I most often eat them as part of a cold plate for lunch — I like to stir up some mayonnaise with some kind of oniony thing (chives, scallion, a little red onion) and some fresh herbs or lemon or whatever. I “butter” the egg halves with my gussied-up mayo and eat them with some kind of salad or pickled veggies or a bit of leftover meat or whatever.

  2. What a cute dress and a great idea about the eggs!

    • monica

      Great idea! As my kids are older, I’ve found that food, especially the healthier options, must be extremely user-friendly for it to be eaten. I wonder my six-footers will grab eggs to eat on the run if I pre-peel them?

  3. Love the little dress, and oh my, yes, eggs before swimming lessons! Swimming takes so much energy! You totally need a good breakfast in order to avoid complete collapse!

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