Day 177: Duggar style

Except for the butterfly print on the top (I notice the girls only wear solid colors), I look like I could hop right on the big bus and join the famously fertile family for an ATI homeschooling retreat roadtrip. he he!

Have a wonderful day!



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5 responses to “Day 177: Duggar style

  1. Lisa

    I love the skirt. That is a super outfit. A nice way to dress up your yard. It looks like the trees are starting to lose their leaves just like they are here in MI. I am not ready for cold weather yet!

  2. todaywithellierae

    I really enjoy your blog!

  3. Anne

    Love it! I’m also going “Duggar Style” today with a long denim skirt. I actually find it much more comfortable than jeans. And I love your tee…very cute and feminine!

  4. Lauren S.

    um…almost but your hair is not long enough and you don’t have a perm! 😉 you look cute!

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